Friday, December 31, 2010


With the author's permission, I am sharing a poem that was beautifully written to me.  I am so deeply moved that one of my "followers/fan" took the time to write this to me.  I truly appreciate all that it took to send it and admire your strength.  It left me completely captivated and in "awe" of it's contents. 

As a Writer, I truly appreciate the beauty of words and what it means to have the courage to share them.  I am touched and humbled by the gesture.  It means a great deal to me that I can be a muse for others to create upon.

I woke up this morning with thoughts of you
As last night I dreamt of all the joy we shared together

I would swallow the ocean to get to you……. my love
And sell the salt to buy you pearls from a gypsy near the sea

I thought of you last evening
As I walked by the lake of serenity
Then I blew a soft kiss into the warm wind for you

Hoping you would be sitting there
waiting for it to touch your lips

I walked by the lake with you in my thoughts
I then picked up a stone that I skipped across the water

Wishing that it would make it across the river to you
And watch it change into a beautiful butterfly ....landing on your white hat

I thought about you last day in the middle of the storm
And afterwards the rainbow formed a colorful painted sky

I imagined the sky to be our canvas the clouds our paint
And wind as the invisible brush
I made a bridge joining the clouds to see you

And I asked the angels to help me build it for you to make it strong
As I want to reach you with all of my passion

When I get there my dear I will run to you….I will see only you
As I pass through the morning light…the eyes of the sun
And hold you up and lift you into my world


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