Sunday, May 2, 2010

Influencing A Life

Do we ever really know the children around us? This question has been swirling around in my brain for some time now. Not that I am surprised, what with all that is going on in this world surrounding them. Stories of past and present day burning a hole through my very existence.

Although so many horrific events happen, do we truly learn anything from them as a society as we should, or do we merely say: "What a tragedy" and forget? Do we remember the Columbine High shooting in 1999? Do you remember the Erfurt Massacre shooting in 2002? The Dawson College shooting in 2006? The Winnenden school shooting in 2009? Or other horrific events such as the Paul Bernardo/Karla Homolka Serial Killer/Rapist team in 1993? Perhaps those wounds have healed for us as a society but sadly there are always other events to take their place.

What stands out in my mind beyond all other things is the fact that most of these events were committed by young adults. Some of them merely children. I think to myself how alone and painful their lives must have been for not to see the beauty of this world. Their dreams and happiness possibly taken from them in early childhood settings (the stage for a later destruction). For if your heart and soul is manipulated and destroyed then it shadows an even darker future.

So why do some of us rise above it all and others to weak to truly "live" regardless of the pain? Are we all merely products of our environment? If so, then why do some not allow that environment (regardless how dark) define who they become? Was there no one there to instill such a rule in their simple little minds at one time? "Aye, there must be the rub" Not all are that fortunate!

If there was only someone to believe in who they were at an early age. Someone they could truly believe in, in return. Someone who could help them defy all odds and remind them of who they were as individuals and that we are all possible of greatness. Perhaps their strength in themselves would have been heightened. Their level of "love for themselves" incredible. If only someone taught them how truly important it was to dream your dreams, them maybe, just maybe some of the madness inside their soul could have died.

I too look around at my life sometimes (because we all give into the melancholy every now and then) and think..."how did I get here"? Why did I get here? Lessons or reasoning for things happening are not always evident or clear as they are occurring, but if you're lucky... somewhere down the road you truly do appreciate and understand why "all the madness" happened as and when it did. I'm there now... At times I truly don't know where my strength comes from. Many have commented on the sense of strength that I have portrayed during frugal and trying times in my life, and yet I think most days, that I am the weakest individual who ever existed. Other days, I can appreciate and sometimes even acknowledge my strengths also.

I love dreaming... I learned how at a very young age. It was as though even at that age I knew my life would be filled with many hardships. Ironic really. I remember dreaming of something as silly as " getting through one whole day without crying" as close as only 5 years ago. A silly dream to many but one I had to really work at to make come true.

I am truly blessed to be surrounded by incredible people in my life. A group of loyal family and friends that love and respect me. Individuals who may not always understand my dreams but honour them nonetheless. To all of you, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

If I could have but one wish it would be that everyone born under the sky always knows the love and support of another in their lives. I cannot emphasis enough the incredible effect it can have. So tell someone today how very proud you are of them and how truly happy you are to have them in your life. The light you will ignite will have no bounds and who knows; you may be saving lives in the interim.

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