Monday, May 17, 2010


For some reason I had thoughts about The Virginia Tech High school this morning. At first I could not exactly place my feelings or why it was on my mind this morning as I was getting ready for work. Thoughts of the massacre that occurred within their walls only a few years ago. Since the feelings continued to consume me for the remainder of the morning, I began to question when the event actually occurred. So I looked it up and there it was in black and white. April 17, 2007. Today is May 17th.

The anniversary was only a month ago. At that moment, it became clear why the thoughts of that day were swirling around in my head. That and thoughts that someday, my little nephew would begin school. The days of "feeling safe in your school" are long gone and it will only get worse as the decades move on. I become quite anxious thinking about the day he begins junior high and then high school. What will the world be like then? What will the school systems be like then? Suddenly, two words come to mind: "HOME SCHOOLING"

I never want to know that what happened at Virginia Tech, will ever happen again. Yet, it has...and it does, all over the world. I cannot even imagine what those people went through - and I never care to find out either.

I wrote a short poem, in honor of their memory on that day...

A place of laughter
A time of smiles
Has now been silenced and replaced with long lines of single files
We stand in mourning to say goodbye by candlelight
To all the ones we will forever adore and now miss, with all our might

I know they say that in time tears do dry, hearts will mend and even hurt will pass
Yet right now it feels like this can never be so
For how can the pain ever subside? How will we ever let go
Will we ever escape the sadness and terror of this day
The memory and pain etched in our heats that seems will forever stay

Let us pray in silence for the ones forever gone
And hope that in the midst of the last moments they spend in horror
That God made their journey to Heaven upon
The wings of his Angels steady and fast
So that their laughter and smiles this time will always last

" In Memory of Lives Lost and Hearts in Pain from the Virginia Tech Massacre"

Monday, April, 16, 2007

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