Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thief Of Hearts

Games played by thieves of hearts

They blind you with their words

Gaining entrance to your soul

Toying with situations that will tear your world apart
This is their job

Their sole mission in life

Manipulating every thought in such a perfect way

So it's effects can slice through your heart like a knife

Working their sorcery that we see as goodness

Blinded by all that is bewitching

Never being quite aware of their motives

In the blink of an eye all is unveiled

Revealing their true colours

To what was once a world of beautiful madness

Has now become a hollow sadness

To what do I owe this auspicious occasion

How could I have been so blind

To have allowed my heart to open in such a treasonous manner

Fooled by a thief who had no intention of forever

And no possible conception of what love is

But that is the intention of the thief of hearts

Who plays their game with no conscience

Looking for a willing soul, who still believes in a fairy tale

Making a mockery of what is real and pure

Bringing an ailment that will wither and rot the truest heart

Embedding within it a disease, that time must try and cure.

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