Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Live...While You're Alive!

Why is it that it always takes someone passing away or becoming gravely ill to make us realize just how precious our lives are?

Any other day we go through life with the same damn mask on..... Same binders over our eyes. All we do as a society is worry about our bills, whether or not we can make the rent this month, trying to grab some overtime at work, whenever possible, just to get ahead of the game a little. But ahead of WHAT???? Someone please explain this to me!

We spend our whole lives killing ourselves to make money, rushing to and from the rat race, forgetting about the little things along the way. What good is it? Where does it really get us? Crazy, Frustrated and Sick that's what!

We use our time here so unwisely...we all know this; it is not my Tuesday evening discovery, this I know. We take everything and everyone us for granted. Never making time for those people or things in our lives that truly matter or are important. WHY?

Because we spend it all on stuff that doesn't mean a damn thing at all. Hurting and using people along the way and the rest of us... allowing ourselves to be used, cheated and hurt.We all wish there was more time in the day to get it all done.... to make more moments count. But what we don't see is that there is time. The Bible says so. "There is a time and place for everything under Heaven" So it is written, so it must be right? We just don't use it effectively.

What I'm trying to say here is that the time to look at our lives is NOW! The time to make changes is NOW! The time to find happiness, freedom and love is NOW! Don't wait till you're on your deathbed to look back in despair and regret upon your life. Take that damn trip. Buy that new skirt. Why kill yourself to afford a $400,000.00 home when you can be as equally content renting a shabby one bedroom apartment that is clearly way too small, way too dark and way too damp......but realizing its ok because you're happy just being there with the person you love to snuggle with when it does get too cold...too dark! Take the chance and let that person you've been eyeing or flirting with for months know that their very smile or giggle rock your heart in ways you've never known. You may be surprised to know they feel the EXACT same way. OR... they don't and laugh at your efforts. But so what? Who cares? At least you were man/woman enough to go after what you wanted in that moment in time.

No one can condemn you for living......for trying to be happy.......to capture and grasp the REAL reason we should all have for being here....for being alive. That my friends should be to capture as much happiness in one day, in one moment, in one life time as we possibly can. So do it before it's too late. To say my life has been easy-NO but it has been very fruitful just the same. No matter how hard the road, how difficult the journey, how poor in riches I am, I know one thing......that I am HAPPY right here, right now for being allowed the chance to laugh, to cry, to love, to learn...... BUT to never regret who I am..... Everyday of my life.

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  1. Gary Beals,
    fellow LIFE AFX follower,writes:

    Finally! I had a chance to take a minute a check out your site and read some of your blogs…and they certainly were great reads, didn’t read all of them but read a few. A favourite was the May 4th blog among a few others.

    I respect that fact that your honest in your thoughts, I think that speaks a lot of the being you are. We get you, we feel your heart and feel as if we see it too! Smile…Your blogs allow us to question ourselves, the choices we make in life, the roads we decide to trod on, address the issues that need to be addressed, etc. As we all continue on this journey called life it’s always refreshing and inspiring to know that no ones life is perfect and we have the opportunity to choice how we play the game with the cards we’ve been given!

    I also like how the music plays – I still have it on your page so I’m jammin’ to the music while I work, lol…

    It was a great Monday read – thanks as always for sharing your gift!

    Gary Beals