Sunday, May 23, 2010

Memories..Of A Heartfelt Goodbye..


I never thought in all my life that I would ever have to sit here and create a poem of thoughts like this. Swirling around ideas of a life lost so young. Sadly, today here I sit; eyes filled with tears, trying to think of words that I could write that would possibly bring any kind of justice to this life that has been lost so that in some way this evil pain within my chest can somehow ease itself away. Yet, in a time like this, what words could ever be spoken that could ever undue all we feel? No one really.... but I will try nevertheless...

Little Baby Jack, even though we (your family) were robbed of the pleasure of truly knowing you as we should have, we just wanted you to know that you were loved so much nevertheless. This was suppose to be a time of joy, a time when we should have been fussing over whose turn it was to hold you, feed you and make you smile. Instead that time has now been turned into one of mourning....a time of loss.... and a time of tears.

Although there will someday come a time when our hearts will be mended, when the pain will subside enough to allow the memory of you to comfort us instead of pain us with sorrow - you will always be missed, forever loved and never ever forgotten.

If I could ask one small thing of you little angel it would be this: to watch over your twin brother Julian from Heaven. Be his heart - resilient and strong - when his is weak and broken, be his eyes when his cannot see things clearly, be his strength when he has none, bless and keep him safe in times when he thinks he is invincible, love him most when he hates himself, be there to carry him when he can no longer walk.

But most importantly be his wings in times when he believes he can never fly. Someday (decades from now we bless upon him) there will come a day when Julian too will be called by God to leave this world.....let it be you that accompanies him to Heaven upon your Angel wings, for there is no stronger union then the love of two brothers finally walking home together". R.I.P. Baby Jack.... you are finally free...

Sweet little Angel
Where have you gone?
Without you here
How can we ever go on?
How could this have happened?
When did it all go wrong?
How were we ever to know
That in less than a year you would be gone
We will never know your smile
Never know your laugh
Until the day we meet in Heaven
Will this sorrow pass?
We were suppose to be your protectors
And keep you from death's door
But now you will watch over us from Heaven
As God's little Angel forever more
Even though our time with you was little
And we wished so much for you to stay
You are forever etched upon our hearts
The love we created together will never fade away

~ Dedicated In The Memory Of Jack ~

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