Monday, May 31, 2010

Once..I Stood Alone

What I sought was one strong man,
To test the boundaries of this world
Someone who would stand here with me
All the way to heaven

To laugh and live and smile with each day
The man I sought would help me breath
And keep me up when I am weak
Helping me find whatever it is I seek

To make my world colourful
Taking my heart and mind to places of unconscious bonds
I've never seen nor heard
His touch, his eyes speaking volumes of his affection
Without truly saying a word

Telling me in only ways he can
That he will re write my love song
And catch my every tear
That in his embrace I have nothing to fear
What I wish to say to him is simple and clear
Take a chance and you will see
That what you seek begins with me

So take my hand and we shall walk
To see all life's treasures and adventures too
So let's walk together, side by side
And experience together this enchanted ride
You with me, and me with you
We will never dream for something new.

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