Thursday, September 30, 2010

Every Writer Needs A Muse

As of late, I’ve been getting rather frustrated with myself-when It comes to my writing.

It seems that I’ve been hitting something Writer’s call “a writing block” for some time now.
Normally, this wouldn’t concern me because it’s a natural thing for a Writer to go through, but I’ve been going though so many emotions lately that this truly shouldn’t be a problem.  A constant swirl of emotions surround life’s events are usually a Writer’s dream, because it makes for incredible story telling and flow of writing in general. Yet lately for me it’s been a struggle.

Today I promised myself I would write no matter what. Whatever the outcome was, so be it, but it was going to happen.  So I sat here, for a long while and nothing. Sure there are an abundance of topics I could touch upon but nothing called to my heart. Then, it happened...

My nephew: Matthew (a.k.a. Bum Bum), came to my mind, and I was suddenly consumed with thoughts to write about. I shouldn’t be surprised really, as this wonderful creation of life has been my muse on many occasions. It’s incredible how such a tiny little face can make me feel so full of happiness and life. Without words, he gives birth to mine every time. He is always my reason, when things become unclear. I have had this incredible urge to do greatness ever since he was born. In hopes that he may someday look at me the way I always look at him: With pride, adoration and energy only a heart can truly express.

Matty, this one’s for you:

My Little Bum Bum…
I still remember the day you were born
What a crazy April night
We waited and waited for your arrival
And your Mama tried with all her might
To bring you into this world in peace and love
And when you finally came you were truly a miracle from God above.

A picture of perfection in all your glory
You looked at us and smiled
Wide eyed and eager to begin your story
What a ride the first year would be
Both Mama and Papa can attest
A time of diapers, bottles and baby wipes
As far as the eye could see.

Today you look like a little man
With an incredible zest for life
Smiling, running and saying little things
That we are all beginning to understand

You melted my heart from the time you were just hours old
You are now and will forever be my little “Bum Bum”
And always mine to hold

My dearest Matthew, the muse of my words
 I wish for you the most wonderful of all things
Always know that I love you
And truly want for you, the best that life can bring.

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