Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Mid Summer Night's Dream

I've fought this feeling for the longest time

I purposely forgot about loving anyone
Never counting on my eyes ever finding you
And certainly not believing that someone like you could ever be mine

The day you arrived you changed my entire life
Not because you wanted to, but because I had to
I could never imagine my life without you in it
That thought alone would cut me deeper than any knife

I've never felt sunshine so warmly upon my face
Never felt the wind beneath me so freely
It's as if I am seeing the world for the first time through different eyes
No other could have ever brought me to this place

A place of freedom, tranquility and love
Actually believing in fairytales once again
Knowing that our love was made for one another
Written in the stars up above

Someday I shall write a story
The one of You and I
A story created from memories of years gone by
Remembering all the good, all the bad and in-between
Being the envy of others
Knowing that our love story is they best they have ever heard or seen

So tonight I dream of you
Underneath this great big summer sky
Thanking the Lord above for blessing me with all I have
But most of all, for taking the time to create someone as wonderful as you

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