Friday, September 3, 2010


I was standing in line this early morning, waiting to pay for my latest “Eat Clean” magazine. One which I gladly promote and give complete support to, may I add. At this point I was very much into the pages of the magazine, excited to see what this month’s issue entertained, when I heard the gentleman in front of me commenting to the lady in front of him (who was being served by the cashier) that he didn’t believe her choice of breakfast was in her best interest. “Do you think that someone like you should be eating that kind of thing Miss? “ Were the words he chose to use. It wasn’t so much what he said that got my attention exactly, but the snarl in his voice when he said it. At which point I leaned over to see what all this morning madness was about. Then it hit me, clear in the face. The woman was mildly overweight and she had picked up 2 donuts, a brownie, chocolate milk and a bottle of water. Therefore, based on the spread in front of us along with the heavy set woman purchasing it I understood what the gentleman meant by his comment. I immediately thought to myself: “How incredibly rude it was of this man to not only make such an asinine comment, but to go out of his way to possibly ruin this woman’s day.

It makes me insane when people don’t take a person’s feelings into consideration. On one hand perhaps if the comment was made in a different tone, to take on a sweet concerned breath of speaking-maybe just maybe it could have been appreciated. Yet truly, I don’t believe a comment of that nature could ever been taken in a good way – especially when it’s made by a stranger. I will never forget the look on that poor woman’s face as she collected her items (and her dignity no doubt) and ran out of the store. I must admit I felt a small fire stirring deep within me, at that very moment.

The ironic thing was what transpired next. The gentleman proceeded to the counter to be served next, with me behind him. What does he order- Cigarettes. Immediately, I felt something inside me jump and it just came out: “ Umm, excuse me Sir, but do you really think that someone like you should be buying cigarettes?” At that moment I saw the clerk sport a big smirk on his face and a wink in my direction. Evidentially, the man was anything but pleased with me. He swung around and said: “Excuse me, what the hell is that suppose to mean Lady? Mind yer’ damn business” I went on to tell him that I was simply looking out for his best interest, not to mention his health and that I felt the need to speak up because of how incredibly bad smoking is for anyone. At some point throughout this entire ordeal, there was another lady who had entered the store and was lined up right behind me. She gave me a little nudge whispering: “At a girl, you tell him” The man turned around to look at me once again, but as he opened his mouth about to make his rebuttal to me, I interrupted him and told him that I was simply returning the favour of “constructive criticism” as he so kindly did for the Lady in front of him; moments ago. He stood there for a moment in silence, then looked up one last time and left the store with his cigarettes.

My intention was not to make this Man feel badly, but instead I wanted him to stop and reflect, for just a moment, on what he did – just moments ago. His intent was not genuine. Not in my book. The way he came across (loud and vulgar) was nothing short of rude and insensitive.

We all have our short comings, and no single individual should ever make anyone feel like they deserve less than another. This should never be our place in life. One’s own circumstances are just that – THEIR OWN. No one could ever possibly comment on someone’s life or situation, without truly knowing the road or journey they have traveled. Sadly, we all need to be reminded of such things every now and again – myself included. No one is perfect.

Perhaps she was purchasing those items for her “office buddies” as a Friday morning (end of the work week) treat. Perhaps they were for her family, as well as herself. Whatever the case may have been, he had no place to be hurtful and make her feel less than worthy.

As human beings I believe we lack a general respect for one another in today’s society. We need to get back to caring about others, as well as ourselves. There is no excuse for insensitivity of inflicting pain with sheer intent on anyone or anything. It’s simply inhumane. I for one cannot and will not tolerate it in my presence. I treat others with respect or at the very least a genuine common courtesy and I absolutely expect the same from others in return. I know this will not always be the case, but if you don’t stand up for what you believe in or for those who cannot for themselves, then this world will always remain in a great deal of pain.

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