Saturday, January 7, 2012

Intimate & Interactive -Spotlight with the Writer - Part VI

Happy 2012, Everyone!!!

Many of you have written me asking for yet another "Intimate & Interactive Spotlight" piece about me, to begin the new year.  I do realize that I haven't done one of "these" in a couple of months, so I do apologize.  So, for those that are counting, this is PART 6!!! This one is going to be a fun one, as it seems like ALL the questions I received were kept very light-natured.  I must say that I find it both humbling and shocking (to say the very least) over how many emails I receive, regarding questions that you all wish to know about me.  I have read every single one, but as you know, I cannot include all of them in one piece.  So if you don't see your question this time I promise to add it in as we go. 

So without further adieu, I give you "Intimate & Interactive (Spotlight with the Writer) - Part VI"

WHAT ARE YOUR NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS?  To laugh more than I cry.  To truly be happy with myself (on every level).  To spend more time on charity work.  To make at least one person smile per day doing something just for them.  To become healthy.  To be less self-conscious of my talents and body image and simply allow others to be as ignorant as they want involving both.  To spend more time with family and friends.  Finally, to touch more people in this world with my writing.

WHAT ARE YOUR CURRENT "TELEVISION GUILTY PLEASURES" ?  Well, I would have to say:  1. Sex and the City Re-runs (yes, I am a die-hard fan of this show and always will be)
2. Fashion Television ( I love the runway and seeing all the new/old collection pieces brought forth by the designers.  It's magical and I'm...well... "happily addicted") 3. Rocco's Dinner Party (I'm a big fan of both the man and cooking, so this show is definitely a treat) 4. Suits (It's a new series on BRAVO TV, that started in fall of 2011.  It's about a prestigious New York law firm that hired on an attorney who never went to law school.  Those of you who have read the other "Intimate & Interactive" pieces I've posted, you will know that once upon a time, one of my initial dreams growing up was to become an attorney.  So I will ALWAYS make time for courtroom dramas.  However, this one has a twist, which I very much enjoy) 5. Undercover Bosses ( This is something I fell upon just recently, while being home sick with the flu and I love it.  This reality-TV show is all about CEO's from large corporate firms, posing as "everyday people" walking into different areas of their companies/businesses and getting hired on as a new employee.  It is truly an amazing show and am very happy I stumbled across it)

IF YOU COULD TAKE ANY FAMOUS MALE CELEB (STRICTLY BASED ON SEX APPEAL)TO THE FOLLOWING PLACES/EVENTS, WHO WOULD IT BE?  A) A black-tie affair  - David Beckham ( have you seen the man in a suit?? Stunning, not to mention impeccable fashion sense.) The "runner up" would be:  Colin Egglesfield  B) A Fashion Show/Gala - George Clooney ( He seems to be dating all the models these days so he'd definitely know where all the great "after-parties" are, so that he could introduce me to some famous designers.  He also seems like the kind of guy that would know where I could find the latest stunning pair of Jimmy Choos, before they were made known to the public) C) A "fun in the sun" low-key vacation -Channing Tatum ( He's just so sexy and I think he'd be a lot of fun on a vacation.  He's athletic, loves to dance and just seems like an all-around easy, laid back kinda guy.)

BEST GIFT YOU GOT FOR CHRISTMAS THIS YEAR?  My new nephew, Sebastian, born on November 29, 2011.  He's my little Sagittarian love-bug!!!

  • Pepsi/Coke Girl? Pepsi girl
  • Girly Girl / Tomboy? Definitely a "girly girl" with Tomboy tendencies
  • Bubble bath / Shower? Bubble bath (preferably)
  • Vodka/Gin/JD Girl? I'm a Vodka girl, who loves her tequila - straight up!
  • Lipstick / Lip gloss Girl?  Truly a "lip gloss" kinda girl.  Something about it makes you lips look so sexy and biteable
  • Perfume/Body lotion Girl? BOTH!  A lady should ALWAYS smell captivating and delicious, no excuses.
  • Piercing / Tattoo Girl?  I'm neither.  Although, I've always fantasized about having a belly button stud and a tongue piercing.   There's something about them I find sexy
  • Blackberry / iPhone / Android?  I don't have any of these types of phones.  I'm a simple kinda gal.  I love gadgets and all but haven't gotten around to getting one lately.  BUT... I have decided to get an iPhone in the next couple of weeks
IS IT TRUE THAT YOU HAVE A FASCINATION WITH LATIN MEN? Yes!  Technically, it's a fascination with the "Latin Culture" entirely, really.  It started at a very young age, when my cousin married a beautiful Latina by the name of Shirley.  We were immediately close and remember loving the way she spoke.  She taught me about the culture, the language, the music and especially...the dancing.  Man, could she dance!!! I was in "awe" of it all, and fell in love instantly. Yes, I know.. I am straying from the question purposely *winks*.  Nevertheless, that's where the love stemmed from and began.  I have always been attracted to Latin men, for many reasons.  They are extremely passionate, have an incredible loyalty to family, they love to dance (and do it oh so well).  Finally, yes, I will admit that a man who speaks Spanish has the power to make me "weak in the knees".  I don't know why, but that's the effect it has on me.  There is something incredible sexy and sensual about it.  This language exudes passion-period!  I loved it so much that I learned it!  Sadly, like any language, you tend to loose it if it's not used frequently. 

  • Flower - Cali Lillies, White Daisies and Red Gerbras
  • Perfume - Gucci, Romance (Ralph Lauren), Madame (Jean Paul Gautlier), Juicy Couture and Daisy (Marc Jacobs)
  • Song of all time - Put Your Head On My Shoulder - Paul Anka (there are many, many others in different genres but this is my "all-time favourite"
  • Food - Thai, Chinese, Italian, Mexican
  • Sports Teams - A.C. Milan (European football /soccer), Boston Celtics / L.A. Lakers (basketball), Toronto Maple Leafs /Detroit Red Wings /Boston Bruins (hockey), New England Patriots/ Green Bay Packers (football) *when I do watch, these are the teams I favour*
  • Colour - Red

  • The Kardashins - I think they need to get off of the tele and work on their lives (in private, or as "in private" as they possibly can get) Reality TV is great and all, but there are times when it's best to just leave things to the public's imagination.  Before I knew them, I would have said that they seemed like pretty cool individuals.  Today, I don't think I would.  For some, beauty truly is ONLY "skin deep".  Definitely NOT role-models for women in my books. 

  • JLO and Marc Anthony - These two need to STOP dating every man, woman and child in the free world and take a "breather".   I have much respect for these two as artists, but I really think they need some therapy.  They are too busy chasing "love" and I honestly don't think either of them even know what it actually means to "love someone".  They're too busy "being in love with love" to learn the difference. 

  • Lindsay Lohan - Enough!  I don't want to hear anything more about this woman.  It's Brittany Spears all over again.  Honestly, if people want to continuously screw up their lives, that's 100% "their business"  Yes, as human beings it is our direct responsibility to help those in need, but seriously, enough is enough!  When should someone take responsibility and ownership of who they are and the fact that their actions have consequences?  I think that at times, we teach people to be mindless.  There are MANY people who choose NOT to become a product of their own environments, but it's a conscious effort.  God help this child, because she really needs guidance.  I hope 2012 brings her peace of mind.  I truly do!!