Monday, December 30, 2013



Hi Everyone:
Being that this is "New Year's Eve-Eve", I wanted to tap into a subject that I truly believe needs to be addressed. Keep in mind that what I am about to say may and will offend some individuals, but sometimes some feathers need to be ruffled for the greater good. I hope that all those who read this truly take the words for what they're worth and know that it comes from a place of love.

When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, it is no surprise that “get in shape” or “lose weight” rank in the top five. Our society is increasingly obsessed with appearance and the illusion of perfection. It is entirely too easy to get sucked into the latest diet craze and because of this fact it has made eating addiction and disorders racked in the top 5 elements of what can end an individuals like prematurely.

6 months ago, I came out to the world about my battle with eating disorders. It's a disease and illness like no other, I assure you. It spirals your world so out of control that it leaves you little hope for ever getting it back. This New Year's if one of your resolutions is about weight loss, I am begging you to stop and think about the type of journey you're about to embark upon.

DO NOT believe in the insanity of what's out there for weight loss. If your goal is to become more healthy then don't jeopardize it by getting caught up with silly products, programs or organizations that falsely promise you insane progress in an unheard of amount of time. Trust me, it's NOT in your body's best interest. RAPID WEIGHTLOSS IS NEVER HEALTHY - PERIOD!! What they promise you will achieve is NEVER without cost. And I'm not just talking about hitting your wallet. I'm referring to your health. Popping certain "supplements" and shakes over a certain period of time will get you to loose A LOT of weight quickly but did you know that it could also take a real toll on your heart, kidneys and your liver? Of course not, they tend to leave that kind of stuff out of their sales pitch. It's bad business to discuss the real nature of body chemistry and how it is forever altered when you engage in these types of deprivation diets.

Look, weight loss is a simple science. Keep your body active, hydrated and well nourished with the proper foods and you will undoubtedly reach your goal. It's a balance of mind, body and sprit. If you've tried this approach time and time again with little or no result then spend your time, energy and money researching and interviewing a nutritionist, therapist or naturopath professional that can give you the PROPER guidance. I don't know about you, but I am not about to leave my body's well-being in the hands of just anyone. That's insanity.

So please, spend your time wisely and do your body good. Invest in some meditation, yoga or nutritional cooking classes rather than ridiculously priced programs that will kill you in the end. Remember, what you lose quickly will unmistakably come back even faster. In the end, the scale may still come back to read the same number that you originally started with - but you will have gained back even more fat than you originally started with. This is a known fact! Your organs become more and more weak, every time you start one of these stupid diets. You lose an insane amount of weight in mere weeks and then gain it all back when you return to eating normally.