Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Royal " I Will's "

Just your "run of the mill" ordinary future King & Queen

As most of you would have already guessed, I was one of those individuals who woke up early to watch the Royal Wedding. No matter what most may say or think of "the Royals" no one does "fairy-tale" quite like them!  Even the hardest of hearts would have been moved by the magnificent display of yesterday's wedding ceremony.  I watched on with bated breath (as did most of the world) and hung on every word.  It was truly a beautiful spectacle to see.  One of grace, tradition and elegance. 

 It was a beautiful ceremony, both visually and spiritually. We all forget that about weddings sometimes.  The fact that it's about the spiritual connection between two people.  It was a clear reminder to me of how humble old scripture words truly are.  I suppose being a writer, this was one of my most treasured moment of the entire day.  The sermon emphasized the true importance of marriage, and that it is not to be entered into lightly.  That marriage is a union for life.  Something most of us forget.  The readings mystified you by speaking simple truths.  That a wedding is for a day, but that a marriage is for an entire lifetime. 

I truly thought that the Bishop of London set the tone for the day, with the most beautiful wedding sermon that I have ever had the pleasure of hearing.  He began by quoting St. Catherine of Siena, whose feast day was yesterday.  A quote that will remain with me, all the days of my life: "Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire."  A notion that rings true in all areas of our lives, without question.  However, St. Catherine meant this quote to describe marriage.  That marriage is intended to be a way in which man and woman help each other to become what God meant each one to be, their deepest and truest selves.  A truly vivid and powerful statement.

After reading up on some other bloggers, and what they had to say about the "Royal Wedding", I came across a very bold and interesting statement made by a man by the name of: Paul Caccavari.  It caught my attention because it made a great deal of sense.  He (as I) was captivated by the Bishop's sermon and made reference to a certain fact that I found incredibly interesting.  During the ceremony, the Bishop said something that no one in the media seemed to find noteworthy, perhaps because it was to them a "dog bites man" story: "As the reality of God has faded from so many lives in the West...." Yes, the sacrament was lost, and only the spectacle seen, like smoke seen from a distance too far to observe the fire itself.  A rather bold, but real statement.  We may have all in fact forgotten our roots.

The entire day was beautiful, but what made it even more so for me was the fact that it was real.  It wasn't about two individuals with a right and proper duty to marry, based on their birthright or correct pedigree.  Rather it was simply about love, about friendship and truly wanting to spend the rest of your life with no other.  After all, should this not be what anyone feels on their wedding day?  Sadly, the answer to that question is no.  It reaffirmed for me just how important tradition is and what kind of role it plays within my life.  Like the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, I respect it -but will never be a slave to it. 

It was the kind of day that made one believe in fairy-tales again. 

classic Catherine who arrived as plain Miss Middleton: Modest but exquisite craftsmanship, French and English lace bodice over silk, gathered at waspish waist into a flaring skirt with trailing train of more than two metres.  On her head Catherine wore a diamond tiara — she is said to have wanted a garland but was dissuaded. It was the Cartier “Halo’’ tiara, made in 1936 and given to the Queen as an 18th birthday present from her mother, inclusion here the “something borrowed’’ for a bride. Crafted to match the circlet were Kate’s drop diamond earrings. Designed with an acorn motif — inspired by the Middletons’ new family crest — the earrings were given to the bride as a wedding gift from her parents.
A modern day Grace Kelly.  SHE wore the dress, the dress didn't wear her!!!  Prince William in Red Officer Uniform.  Simply Smashing!

It made me think about having my own someday.  The beautiful church, beautiful readings from ancient scriptures and looking into the eyes of the man I love and feeling safe.  Safe in knowing that he truly loves me, just as much as I love him.  That we are here together because God loved us enough to create us for each other.  It made me realize that you could truly have anything in this world, along with all it's riches but without love we are utterly poor. 

What i will remember most about this day is how they looked at one another with such love and true excitement for their future.  Just a boy in love with his girl. 

I truly wish them a long, happy and fulfilling life together.  May they exceed everyone's expectations as well as their own. 

Congratulations to you both, and thank you for reminding me that fairy-tales really can come true!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Although we are apart & may never have met, those of faith say that within this world of space & time, we are already together, but just can't see it yet. So, to ease the pain of relentless time, I am writing this letter in hopes that it will somehow draw your soul to mine. Truth be known, I have looked for you and still do everywhere. In the streets, in my dreams... in the eyes of every soul I meet. I have spent this time apart from you alone, setting goals, realizing dreams and becoming the Lady I have always wanted to be. I have had many journeys within my life, ones that I will share with you. For someday I will also learn about what you have endured in your own path, while searching for me too. There have been many who have asked me who you are and what you stand for. My response to them has always been the same, that the man I love knows my worth and loves me more. All he asks I shall be.... so he will always know that all he needs will always begin with me!

It was Sir Hugh Seymour Walpole (one of my favourite English Writers of all time), who once said: "They say that one's best success comes after their greatest disappointments". So here I am. No stranger to life's disappointments or Love's scars, but still willing to make the journey to find love and happiness. "The most wonderful of all things in life, I believe, is the discovery of another human being with whom one's relationship has a glowing depth, beauty, and joy as the years increase. This inner progressiveness of love between two human beings is a most marvellous thing". As if it was all meant as sort of a divine accident. So you could say that I am still waiting to be found.

Having a love for writing, words are very important to me. They tell me you're interesting - and interested. I can be a million things, but if you don't find me interesting in the first few lines, well then I think it's pretty safe to say that you won't stick around long enough to finish what I wrote, let alone a lifetime. I like reading about a person. How an individual carries themselves in written thought, illustrates a lot about their character and their heart.

I am a Writer in search of my very own love story. I'm a sassy, vibrant lady who is very passionate about life and living it. I am best described as artistic and slightly eccentric epicurean. Those who spend time with me claim that I have a very addictive vibe. I'm a very laid back and easy going gal, who definitely knows what she wants out of life. A very positive individual, who tries to surround herself with like-minded people. I'm someone who enjoys the little things in life, because I believe that those are truly the most important things people tend to miss. I always tend to look for the good in people. I'm someone who is very playful and prone to laughter. I love to inspire people. I guess that's why I chose to be a Writer. I love that my words can ignite passions and make people happy. That in turn makes me happy. I can assure you, you've never known anyone like me before...

Men who've dated me have described me as being: An angel with a devilish kind of flavour - and a sensual/sexy voice to match. A demure librarian type by day with a feisty, firey flare by night. So basically, I am a "classy" woman with a healthy and slightly wild superwoman/vixen alter ego. A lady who will always be your sweetheart, but should never be mistaken as a push-over. A great "wing girl" because I can open a conversation on any topic and have the substance/intellect to keep the dialogue flowing. A lady who will definitely keep your attention in every way.

I am what most would call a "true Sagittarian Lady" which means that I am someone very social, who craves life to be exciting and spontaneous. That is not to say that I do not appreciate my down time, because I most certainly do. There is a lot that can be said about spending a cozy night in with some wine, some Miles Davis playing in the background, a roaring fire and of course some amazing company to enjoy this all with.

You are someone who believes that love and sensuality live together. That your "forever girl" is truly out there. Someone who insists on establishing a strong friendship and ultimately a life-long love affair.

You're loyal, sincere, educated, articulate, and down to earth. You like to laugh but have a serious side that is sensitive and reflective.

You will not have to be prefect or gorgeous in anyone's eyes but mine. It takes more than a cute smile, smouldering biceps and a great line to get my attention. Yet, I assure you that once it is caught, you will definitely be in for the adventure of your life!

You are happy, disturbingly bright, charismatic, independent, funny, confident but not overbearing, secure within yourself to be with a strong woman, open-minded & deviously sexy. A true romantic in your soul.

You are someone pure of heart. Someone who isn't afraid to show me his soul. Someone who can be his own man, in mind and strength.

You must have an incredible passion for life and knows when to be silly or serious.

The connection with your family must be strong. You are someone who will definitely want one of your own someday- without question or hesitation. Someone strong, yet loving. Confident, but not egotistical. Someone who is a dreamer, yet realistic when the situation calls for it. A man with a robust sense of humor, a keen intellect (not necessarily the kind you get from books), who possesses a child-like heart.

So if you love being:

1) Entirely silly as much as you enjoy an extended cerebral conversation that can last for days,

2) Spontaneous and jumping in puddles on occasion,

3) Fun loving, romantic and sensual

4) In Love, knowing that you're entirely loved in return

Then we would certainly be a match made in heaven, to be joined on earth.

Monday, April 18, 2011

" The Forgetters"

It always amazes me how some people find it so easy to forget, while others never can.

I've always wished I could be one of the "forgetters" Instead I seem to remember everything.  My heart doesn't allow for memory loss.  I'm always stuck watching people move on/away from me without a thought, while I'm trapped in the "land of remembering" for what seems like forever.

It breaks my heart when people you know suddenly become people you once knew instead. 
It breaks my heart when people you love become people you loved. When they can walk right past you as if they were never a huge part of your life. They used to tell you that they could never imagine living without you, and now barely remember you're alive. They used to be able to talk to you for hours on the phone and now they can't get you off the phone fast enough.

Huh.. life sure is funny!

Saturday, April 9, 2011



I've been reading a lot lately.  My main focus has been old themes of  love, life and religion. 
I miss true love stories.  I miss stories of how people find themselves in life and how religion plays a role in all of it.  There is something about today's world that lacks these elements.  Therefore, I have chosen to get lost in the words and worlds of my favourite authors. 

Being thrown back into the world of dating and self-reflection once again, I cannot help but be constantly reminded that most people just don't have time for romance or creating themselves anymore. 
Everywhere I look all people seem to be doing is racing off to work (more than likely a job they hate) and serial dating just anyone because they cannot be bothered with the desire it takes to make real connections.
So we resort to online/phone dating to meet people.  We spend much of our hard earned dollars to punch in silly answers to silly questions in surveys that so called "dating experts" have made up-claiming that it's fool proof.  I don't know about you, but I've seen some of the couples that these places have thrown together and well, there is no other way to say this:  WHAT THE HELL WERE THEY THINKING?????

Yes, of course some situations really do work out this way.  I have many friends who have found their "soul mates" online and could not be happier, but I think it's a rare thing.  I am not frowning upon the idea entirely.  All I'm saying is why can't we just "make time" to go out and meet Mr/Ms. Right anymore?  Of course times have changed.  Yes, people are "crazy busy" with work or taking care of loved ones.  I understand all of that, but are we not worth spending time on?  Making time to find love is just as important as making an effort to keep your body healthy.  It's just as important as your commitment to your job.  So why don't we go back to meeting people to old fashion way? 

Most will argue that there aren't many people of substance, roaming around town anymore.  I beg to differ.  I think there are, but we are just too busy to notice.  We are all too busy to take even an hour out of our days to catch up with friends at a local coffee house or pub.  It takes up too much time to have a weekly dinner with people at a restaurant.  Or to talk a walk on your lunch hour and enjoy some sunshine and "people watch".  To go dancing or for drinks every now and again, because it's fun.  In doing all things, the potential of possibilities of finding someone are endless.

 Nevertheless, we don't do it, because we're tired, busy or just simply lazy.  Yet, we will sit in front of our computers, browsing through hundreds of ads, desperately seeking someone who will jump out at us and peek our interests.  Or sit on these dating phone lines for hours going through meaningless voice box after meaningless voice box, to find the one voice that we can fall in love with.  Then, we will spend days or weeks trying to get to know them.   Emailing pictures of ourselves and hoping they find us attractive enough to write back to.  Trying to develop a comfortable rapport so that we can eventually meet them with all of our insecurities in toe.  We don't have time to go out and meet people, but we sure as hell have time to do all this right?  I'm exhausted just tying it out, let alone to live it. 

When I'm ready to do so, I would love to find someone the old fashion way.  Not to say that I will burn any other avenues, but I'd rather give focus to going out there and exploring people.  It will not only find me love (hopefully) but it will get me out into the world to share my life with friends and family as well.

 As a society, we have forgotten what it means to really connect with one another -without the Internet.  The way I see it, finding love this way will push me to give myself a break from the daily stresses in life.  To push myself to remember what's really important, and that is making time for me.  I'm not saying go "looking for love" because I don't really think it happens that way anyway.  Yet, being out enjoying my life with family and friends, in pubs, restaurants, nightclubs, social events/gatherings or even church will expose me to like minded individuals.  At the end of it all I can reflect back on these times and say that at the very least I have made memories, spending an hour or two with people I love, living life.  Rather than spending that same amount of time (or more) locked away in my office or home, on a computer.  Looking through endless ads, filled with pictures and words of individuals who could very well be posting someone else's images and vibes. (tell me that doesn't happen a million times a day)

As for myself, I think I'm worth the effort to try.  I'm a hopeless romantic and a writer after all, so having a "story" to tell my children and theirs someday of how I met their dad/grandfather is really special to my heart. I know exactly what I want and what I am looking for.  Thanks to all of my failed relationships I also know what I absolutely don't want as well.

I know some people get very sad and discouraged when they are put in a position to find love again, but I suppose I'm different.  It's exciting to know that "my guy" is still out there waiting to be found.  Even if I don't manage to find my version of love in this life time, at least I will be content knowing that I did what I could to be open to it.