Sunday, October 13, 2013


I’ve been reading so many different posts about what people are thankful for, on this Thanksgiving Day weekend.  So many warm and heart-filled thoughts – It’s beautiful really.  Nevertheless, I want you all to keep in mind that it’s not about what you’re thankful for receiving (that’s gratitude) but how you use what you’ve received  to give/make others around you happy, fulfilled, loved and appreciated.  Not just those you know but, especially those you don’t. 

So in this moment, I am thankful for my nature of being, because with it I am able to be there for people who need me – in every way.  I am thankful for my talents because they have brought joy, smiles, laughter and peace to many.  I am thankful for my body that even in the darkest times of mistreatment it has stood idly by – strong, resilient and proud each day.  I am thankful for my heart because no matter how much it’s been torn and weathered with the trials/tribulations of life it remains big and full of love.  I am thankful for my mind because it is always open, never judgemental and continuously tries to think of ways to help mankind.  I am thankful for my eyes and ears because they neither see nor hear evil, in any way.   
With all that said I am so grateful for my abundant life – filled with the most important riches that surely no money can buy.  To all my fans, friends, family and strangers that have entered my life in some way:  You are the sole reason that I exist.  After all, at the end of anyone’s life, it’s not about how much you had that will measure you but rather how you made everyone who ever knew you feel that will be remembered.  And I truly hope that I have added to your lives in some very small way because you my dear loved ones:  You are everything to me and I am truly humbled/blessed and thankful that you allow me the privilege of walking alongside you each day.