Monday, February 13, 2017


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Photo Credit:  Imperial Uhlans - Juha Arvid Helminen - Depiction of a Dark Army 

My words don't need a face; they are felt not seen.
At times they give comfort like the sun, and in another breath- as cold as the winter wind.

There are days where my expressions will consume your world, and others where they don't exist in it at all.

The way they make you feel may bring a name to mind.  Calling them love one day, and hatred the next.  But know that they may have meant neither to me.  

At times, my pen makes a fool of me, writing down words that my mind may not see, but ones that my heart mumbles in agony.

But you take them at face value, never questioning their worth.  Assuming that the words are written as how they appear to be, never examining them closely for flaws or untruths.  They mean what they mean to you, and so it shall always be.  

My words don't need a face, but know that one exists. For behind all written things lies a thought, a presence and a feeling unseen.