Monday, December 18, 2017


We all want to change ourselves, especially during this time of year.  But, I think that too many of us have got it all wrong.  I know I did for such a long time.  We have this thing as human beings about being stuck on the outside.  That if we change all the things that we can see that it will somehow manifest into something internal.

So, we set out and try to change our bodies, our jobs, our hobbies, relationships, and perhaps even our families to feel something different.  But, it doesn't happen.  Change doesn't work that way.

True transformation can only come from the inside.  So step up, raise your standards and discover what you're capable of.  Feel that incredible power of whatever is pushing you back and get to the other side of your true self.  If you don't start doing this, I mean really tapping into your energy from deep within yourself, then this year will be like every other before it.

Resolutions are just words.  But, fire from within is the only thing that can burn you enough to ignite you.  Make things a MUST in your life.  Only then will things happen.

THIS.. is what I've learned in 2017.