Tuesday, February 19, 2013


MuchMusic will soon be hosting their 2013 VJ Search. Sponsored by Garnier’s FRUCTIS – Fruit Sensation, all entries must be submitted by March 10th. This search begins with a “Reality-based Show” competition, which will be premiering on April 1st.

This year, LIFE AFX is very proud to be assisting one of the VJ contestant hopefuls, in fulfilling her dream of becoming MuchMusic’s 2013 VJ Search finalist.

Her name is: AMANDA CORDZ, a 24-year old Toronto cat, who has lived in our glorious city, all of her life. Recognize her? Well, if you don’t yet, you soon will!

Not only is she the newest Artist to be represented by LIFE AFX, but more importantly she is the future MuchMusic VJ Host of 2013. Or, at least she will be if we have anything to say about it!

Before graduating from York University as a Theatre Major, Amanda worked as a sporting event host for all varsity sports. . “A cheerleader with a microphone”, is how Amanda described it.

She is a vicarious, spicy lady with an incredible energy and zest for life. Someone we think would (without a doubt) be the perfect blend of fun, excitement and uniqueness that this show has ever seen. An element that has certainly been missing on the network for some time.

We caught up with Amanda to ask her a few questions about herself and what this opportunity would mean to her. We also thought her fans should know what we could look forward to if she was the next MuchMusic VJ host. Here’s what she had to say:

“ I am a 24-year old, Capricorn, born and raised in Toronto. Whether it’s going out dancing, catching art shows, theatre or roaming around for hours in bookstores. This city is profoundly electric and inspiring.

If I had to list a few things that I love most in life it would have to be music, dancing, movies, theatre, art, apples and ankle sock. Yes, I said ankle socks!

In music, my taste ranges from Andrea Bocelli to Bjork. From Lil’ Wayne and Drake, to Prince, City of Colour, Mumford and Sons to BeyoncĂ©. From Hunter Hayes to Azelia Banks. Oh, and I cannot forget to mention my deep and sincere love for musical theatre. You will always find me singing in the rain. Too many to mention or play favourites to but, I will say that I enjoy an eclectic variety.

I love to dance. I don’t mean to toot my own horn but “Toot Toot” This diva, can move!

I am a HUGE movie buff as well. I can quote any movie and have played many trivia games, engaging my fans and followers on Twitter, Face Book and You Tube. I really have a lot of fun putting things like that together for the fans. They absolutely love it!

I have had a great deal of experience entertaining people, both in my professional and personal life. From being an entertaining host on cruise ships to charity and auction events, I have always felt alive when performing- on ANY stage.

I love doing things to get/cause a reaction. My best friend and I dressed up once as two characters from the “Gangnam Style” video and went to her local grocery store. Just to see how people would react. The performance definitely drew a crowd and we ALL had an absolute blast.

As your new Much Music VJ, I will bring my positive attitude, my passion for music, and my dynamic personality to this station. With my willingness towards being open to new experiences and meeting new people- I want to reach out to much music viewers and restore a greater community involvement; all the while having fun with the fans. With my fearlessness towards taking risks and my impeccable interviewing skills, I will strive to get to know the artists who visit the studio- the real person- behind the music, beyond just being a musician. My passion for music and performance comes through in my daily life, it would be the ideal opportunity to put this passion to good use.

I truly believe that we were all born to do something in this world. We have a natural instinct and born talent and we should use it. I honestly think that this is my calling - to entertain and be seen, so that I can make people smile, laugh, and shake. I was (without a doubt) born to be the woman who will dominate the crowd by “just being me” on a stage. Most importantly, I’m real, authentic and human. So here I am, Toronto!”

Finally, I want to extend infinite thanks to all of you who have shown your support. I am honoured and grateful for all the love on my Facebook and Twitter fan pages. My heart is smiling in all corners. A special thank you and a big hug/kiss to Gia and the entire LIFE AFX crew for giving me a moment to introduce myself to all of you. Thank you for taking a chance on promoting and believing in this bold city girl. Your support makes me want to scream and shout and let it all out! THANK YOU, FOR EVERYTHING!!"

So if you didn’t know, now you know.

Calling ALL AMANDA CORDZ and LIFE AFX FANS / FOLLOWERS, to show your love and support for our girl.

Please visit (and most importantly LIKE / FOLLOW) her pages on Face Book and Twitter. The more “LIKES”, the more “FOLLOWINGS”, the closer we get our girl to the finish line AS A WINNER! So what do you say? Would you like AMANDA CORDZ to be YOUR new MuchMusic VJ Host? Would you like to see AMANDA CORDZ every day, live from your living rooms (on the regular)?

The answer is pretty simply here folks. YES!

So you know what to do:

@amandacordz – TWITTER

Amanda Cordz – FACE BOOK


Her destiny begins with all of you… her fans!

On behalf of myself and LIFE AFX, we wish Amanda infinite success with all her endeavours. We know she’ll do great!

Monday, February 11, 2013

A Mother's Valentine

A Mother approached me today to write a little birthday poem for her daughter, who was born on Valentine's Day.  So, I did and thought that I would share it with all of you today.

To all those who are celebrating this day, all the best!  A special "Happy Birthday to Alysia" for whom this poem was especially written:

To My Dearest Daughter:

I will never truly understand

The blessing that came to be

That God would create such a wonderful daughter

And sent her to be with me.

Your beauty, kindness and grace

Always leaves me in such “awe” of you.

I am so proud of the woman you’ve become,

You really are a Mom’s dream come true


Oh how I must be loved and cherished by God above

To know that he made you just for me.

With loving hands, so perfectly

The joy you bring me, everyone can see.


You are a shining light in my life

My heart and soul are yours forever.

Loved is something you will always be

And no matter what happens in this life,

Know that you will always have me.

Saturday, February 9, 2013


Happy Birthday Nael
Can you see candles from Heaven
Is what I've often wondered
The roar of burning flames
Egnited by love, longing and pain
So powerful, like thunder
Here for barley 20 years
Gone now for 20 more
And each time I think of you
I can still feel your warmth
To my very core
I never wanted a world without you
But God said it was to be
So now I'm left here alone
Lighting candles so you'll remember me
There are times when life grants me peace
And I think of you a little less
But it's only for a day or two
Until my heart screams your name again
And my mind is once more a mess
Flooded with beautiful memories
Of when my life was you
To a time when I was happy
And every day brought something special
Something new
So I will continue to light candles for you
To see from Heaven
In hopes that you remember
The girl you left behind so long ago
And know that with every glowing flame you see
Means how much she still loves you so...
FEBRUARY 3, 1973 - SEPTEMBER 13, 1992