Sunday, October 23, 2011

The People's DJ - Danny D

" If you know anything about me, you've gotta know that I am a DIE-HARD Juventus soccer fan, but I think I brag enough about that already! LOL! - DJ, Danny D"

I heard a saying once that said:  Without music life would be a mistake.  Being both an artist and lover of music, I cannot tell you just how much this phrase resonates with me.  Which leads me to pose a question:  "What would music mean without its deliverance?"  Music cannot exist without someone giving it life.  At times it will be a writer.  While other times it can be a composer or a singer that gives it momentum.  Then, there are those rare occasions when it comes to us by a DJ.  However it arrives, only a true talent can make music come alive to those receiving it.

For those of you who live within the city of Toronto, when you make reference to "ultimate music deliverance" only one name should come to mind:  DJ, Danny D. 

Danny has been a DJ in the Toronto club scene for over 10 years, but has always found a home within the radio station, Z103.5 FM.  In the past 9(+) years with them, he has been touching the lives of people everywhere through the station's air-waves.  He has ultimately been crowned:  "The People's DJ" because he devotes his love and passion for music to his fan-base, which spreads far and wide. 

Throughout his career, this DJ sensation has been the toast of many deserving awards.  In 2004, he took home the Eye Weekly's, Reader's Choice Award, for the best DJ in Toronto.  Then, in 2009 he was given the "Radio Personality of the year" award, by  Followed by the Stylus award, in 2010, for the "Club Dance DJ"

However, this man is more than just a DJ, he is truly an artist.  Danny contributes to music by taking rhythms and creating his own unique sound. A talent that he took into production, making him a successful independent artist of our time.  He combines elements of house, trance and progressive sounds, to create his own music.  Sounds which lead to independent tracks like:  Airbreak, Road Rage, I believe in love (featuring vocals of Anya) and Emotions (featuring vocals by Nova), just to name a few.  His artistry took flight and the authenticity of his sound clearly resonated with his fans.  His work cracked the Top 20 on the Canadian National Club Charts and some of those tracks have made appearances on music compilations, selling more than 50,000 copies.  

Whether he is jamming in the clubs, playing live at "Summer Rush", touring North America or simply "doing his thing" through the air-waves on Z103.5 FM, one thing is certain:  Danny's passion is creating and delivering his music to the people/for the people.  During a recent conversation with the "sound sensation", I asked him if there was one thing that I could relay to his listeners, what would it be?  Being the incredible and humble guy we all know and love, he simply replied:  " What I really want my fans to know is that when they tell me that my "music mixes" make them happy, that it truly is the biggest reward I could have.  I couldn't possibly be where I am today, without my people"  Well, There you have it folks, spoken like a true "People's DJ"

If you haven't seen this man in action, you are truly missing greatness at its best.  My advice?  find yourself a computer or radio immediately and keep it locked on Z103.5.  Be one of thousands, who enjoy his artistic genius live daily on: the "Drive @ 5 Streetmix" between: 5-6pm and his ultimate "Wayback Lunch Mix" between: 12-1pm. 

If you're looking for a great club scene, you simply must catch Danny at various venues, in and around the GTA. Here are some, to name a few:

Thursday nights:  "Single In The City" at: The Curve, in Mississauga
Friday nights: Join DJ Danny D at:  The Zu Bar, in Burlington
Saturday nights: Join DJ Danny D at: "The King of all Clubs" - LUXY, in Woodbridge

On a personal note:

I wanted to take this time to personally thank Danny for living his dream and sharing it with us everyday. 

There are days when I get so wrapped up in trying to make my dreams come true, that I kind of feel detached from the one thing I'm trying so hard to create.  I will go through moments where I lose my place.  Where I forget the reason I began running after what I want most within this life-my writing.  It is within those moments that you help me the most.  When I see/hear you creating it gives me the strength to fight for what I want, another day.
Danny, you truly are an incredible individual with an undeniable talent in what you do.  No matter what kind of day I'm having, I always know that you are there to make it better, by simply being who you are and doing what you do best.  You are always there to talk, share and laugh with me during the course of the day and I want you to know just how much that means to me.  By you being courageous enough to go after your dream, you make it possible for me to continue the journey in mine.  Your mixes bring me such an incredible energy that simply cannot be described.  However, if I had to choose, I would have to say that what you do makes me "happy to be alive"

On behalf of all your "die-hard" fans, I pay tribute to you here today.  I truly hope that I have done you justice. Your sweet, charismatic, witty and humble nature never goes un-noticed.  Never stop sharing with the world all it is that you do, because if you did, it would truly be an incredible loss.

Thank-you for always being, YOU!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Time To Give

This particular weekend means a lot of different things to different people. You get an extra day to do with what you wish. You get to spend time with family and friends, over a beautifully home-cooked meal and perhaps do some apple picking. However, I want you all to really understand that we are not all this lucky.

There will be many people out there with none of the things that I mentioned. So please remember to give to your local food bank, as well as, taking part in our food drives within your workplaces. If you don’t have one-start one. It’s that simple. As well, I would ask that you all take some time and truly think about what you’re giving away for the homeless/less fortunate this Thanksgiving.

Don’t just throw/buy anything just to say that you did your “due-diligence” and participated in a cause. Rather, I want you to BE THE CAUSE! Keep in mind that there are many people out there with health concerns/issues. So when purchasing/giving food items for a drive, make sure that you give things that are low in sodium, or high in fibre and whole grains. We all deserve a healthier choice, whether we can afford it or not!!! For those of you who wish to do more, you can participate in a local food kitchen-serving food or visiting your local Fire Hall and help to sort/box food items, so they are ready to be shipped to families and food banks

Aside from festive times throughout the year, there are many more ways to give back within your community. However, helping the homeless is something that most do when volunteering short-term.
If you love children, you can volunteer at your local PTA. They are always looking for members to brain-storm with and create new ideas for their local school districts.

If the PTA is not your thing, but you do love spending time with children, join your local "Big Brother / Big Sister" foundations.  They are always looking for people to help out.  You can also join the United Way and help organize "career days" and "athletic days" in your area.

We have finally adopted a “Go Green” attitude in this society, which is wonderful. So why not organize your own “clean- up day” within your community? You can contact your Local MP and have them support your cause.

If you know of an older run-down neighbourhood with a playground that needs a “make-over”, grab some family/friends and repaint the playground. The kids will love you for it and the adults within that community will feel good about it too.

There are also many reading groups that you can become a part of also. You can help with things like: reading programs, reading/writing blogs, teaching children/adults how to read and write, become a tutor and so much more. For more information please visit: Literacy Connections at: or to learn more about Literacy Organizations and “Give Back” programs, please visit:

There are many different ways to volunteer within a society. However, don’t think that you must tackle big things in order to feel as though you’ve helped out. Even the little gestures are grand. If everyone did something very small repeatedly, it would turn into something big in no time. For example: There are plenty of ways to help someone living on the streets, other than giving out hot food at a shelter. Rather than ignoring them, talk to them and be kind. Don’t just simply walk away. Not only is it selfish but rude too. Give them a toothbrush with toothpaste. It seems silly, I know, but trust me someone will love it. Give them a fast food restaurant certificate. Buy someone a sandwich, a bottle of water and some fresh fruit. Or in the end, you could do something very small and quite simple. Just smile. : )

At the end of the day, all of your good gestures will be accounted for. Maybe not by society, maybe not by those you know, but from yourself. You will appreciate you. You will feel great about doing good things for others. It will make you more creative, keep you happy and most importantly make you a wonderful individual that you can be proud of.

It’s our time to give, and the time is NOW. This is your world folks, so become a part of it in any way you can. You just never know when you might need a helping hand within this life. So let’s make a difference in EVERY WAY we can!

Thursday, October 6, 2011


US President, Barack Obama may have put it best. “The world has lost a visionary.

And there may be no greater tribute to Steve’s success than the fact that much of the

world learned of his passing on a device he invented.”

 To most today is a sad day because yesterday, the world lost one of its most magical, creative and innovative thinkers/inventors of its time: Mr. Steve Jobs. For most, he was the Co-founder and former chief executive officer of Apple Inc. He invented things like: The mouse, the Mac, the little wheel that allows you to spin back and forth on your iPod / iPhone for selections and many, many more wonderful little things that makes our world a little more special. For me, he was a man who dared to dream about all he could be within this life and not only spoke of it-but went out and made it happen. This is a man who dropped out of college (at the age of 21) and began to work out of his parent’s garage with a friend to pursue a calling. A man who was fired more than once. A man who knew all about failures and disappointments but didn’t allow them to shadow his desires. Today he was worth an approximate 8+ billion dollars, not to mention that the company is worth quad-duple that. Yet, the most important “worth” of all can never be measured in dollars. Therefore, it makes his “true worth” priceless.

Last night, I decided to turn in early from sheer and utter exhaustion of the day’s events, when I received a text from my dear friend, Armand about Mr. Jobs passing. The text read: “Steve Jobs died” A simple three word statement that left great impact for the rest of my evening. At first, I was “dazzed and confused”. My response to Armand was: “What? Who?” Even after I read his response, it still took me a few more minutes to fully digest the news.

At first, I was quite sad about it all. I started to think about how disgusting it was that cancer took the life of yet another great individual too soon. I began to think about what other incredible things Mr. Jobs would have delivered to the world if only he was healthy and was given the gift of a longer life. I became angry that he was only 56 and was not allowed to live out the rest of his dreams. Then, immediately all those thoughts came to a halt. I was doing the very thing I shouldn’t be doing – thinking negatively. A natural reaction for any human being when faced with the passing of someone’s life. Especially one that touched the lives of so many. However, one thought came to mind. He was a great man who lived with utter passion, every day that he was given. That was something to be proud of. Because of the way he lived, it gave me courage to do the same.

I have always lived my life by two things: That life is not about finding yourself, but creating yourself. The other: To always remain a child somewhere within your heart forever. Because of these two beliefs it has always dared me to dream my dreams, no matter what anyone else thought. Many find dreams to be silly and worthless. I say, without them you are truly nothing. Mr. Steve Jobs believed, that without them, life was not worth living. It can be said that in the past I have been too afraid to fulfill my dreams; but because this man lived and died, I may just find the courage to go the extra mile. For this I am truly grateful to him and for what his life has brought to mine. So today, instead of being sad that he died, I choose to be happy because he made sure that he truly lived while he was here!

To Mr. Steve Jobs:
Thank you for all you had the courage to be. May your spirit and imagination live on in the eyes, hearts and minds of your children and colleagues. That they may have the drive, genius and determination to take your legacy to new heights. A height that will reach you in i-heaven!

Finally, thank you for leaving me with a few things to think about today. You may just be the final reason that I’ve been given to succeed. God Speed. R.I.P.