Saturday, July 11, 2015


There are 2-types of people in this world.  Those who just dream about what they want and those who dream and do whatever it takes to make them come true. 

Life is both too long and too short to live the "day to day grind", doing the same mundane thing that makes you miserable.  As human beings, thriving and growing toward what makes us feel alive is paramount to living an extraordinary life.  Anthony Robbins taught me that a long time ago, and the moment I heard it come out of his mouth, it became religion.

In a conversation with the astounding author of:  The Book Of Negros, Lawrence Hill communicated that one of the worst things you could ever tell a parent is that you're an Artist.  We chuckled for a brief moment but, my laughter termed somber quickly, remembering painfully how true that statement actually was.

When you're an artist of any kind, it takes a lot of effort for anyone to take you seriously or to believe in your craft. If you're not one of the fortunate ones to have good, positive and encouraging people on your side, this world will crush you quickly.  I know this could be said of anything one chooses to do but, I find it abundantly true in my industry.

I've had more than my fair share of negativity and insecurities pushed upon me by people throughout my years. Sadly, it's one of the main reasons I gave up singing.  The stage was once a place I felt at home.  A setting that made me most happy - until it didn't.  "Fear will beat you down to your knees and will keep you there permanently if you let it." ( a quote from the great Sylvester Stallone, that is always on repeat in my brain) Fear definitely won that battle but, it lead me to a deeper love and appreciation for music on a whole other level.  It was then that I actually found writing. 
Some people are lucky enough to find ONE love in life but, I was fortunate enough to find TWO:  Music and Writing.  A marriage that has always worked for me.

Being a Writer is very difficult at times- especially for the vulnerable souls.  It leaves you very open on a daily.  But, as one of my editors once said:  "If you're going to survive in this business, you're going to have to check your ego at the door - along with your fear"  and she was right!  Letting go of my fears of "acceptance" is not something I've mastered in this life just yet, but it's something that I work at every day.  It's all a work in progress.

All of that said, I just really wanted to take time out to thank all those people who have come in and out of my life and helped my dream along the way.  Yes, there have been MANY people who have tried to discourage and kill my ambitions since the beginning but, it's truly amazing to know that the "good people" outweigh the bad ones. 

Although, there are countless names to mention in my pursuit of happiness, I truly MUST take time out to mention 3 individuals in particular. 

To Alessandro Stillo:  A man that I've had the distinct honor and pleasure of knowing for over 11 years.  (Thank you so much for your belief in my writing.)  It must be said that this person took 2-years out of his life and made sure that I had a good shot at pursuing my dreams.  He created my very first web-page and fan base for LIFE AFX.  He not only created it from scratch but, monitored, made daily changes to and ran it all on his own - FOR FREE!  If any of you out there have a web-designer or web-master you know what the bills are for such things.  But, this remarkable soul did it all for nothing, simply because he believed that the world should know me.  That my words should have life.  There are no words for that kind of loyalty.  I am sure that on many occasions I did not deserve all that he did for me, but I am truly thankful that he stuck by me.  His trust and love for me has always meant the world.  I could never repay him for all that he has done for me.  I hope that he someday can witness what he helped me start and know that none of this would have been remotely possible without him.  No matter where life leads him, he will undoubtedly be a great success.  He is a truly gifted mind.  I will always be grateful for his commitment and friendship, and pray that I never lose it.   
If any of you find yourself in a position of needing a Creative Director - he is your man in spades.  Visit him at:

To Giuseppe De Cicco:  Another extraordinary man in his own right.  He barely knew me and was convinced that I was a star.  The endless amount of times that he worked his magic (without my knowledge), to surprise me with career opportunities, still rocks me to my very core.  He made me believe in myself at a time when I truly didn't.  There were endless days and nights that he spend time mentoring and molding me to go after what he knew that I deserved.  Giuseppe took my social media fan base to another level and the contacts that I have made in the industry because of him; are nothing less than remarkable. I thank him for his time, trust, belief and friendship. I'm not sure what he saw in this girl a few years back, but I can honestly say that I am all the richer for it.  With all the amazing things this man has given me, I cannot even begin to share my gratitude for bringing this next person into my life.

To Ms. Alessandra Piccolo:  A magical woman, who was introduced to me by Giuseppe De Cicco.  The very first time we spoke was via e-mail.  A few years back, she wrote to tell me that she had read a number of different writing pieces I had showcased, and how much she loved my words.  I had no way of knowing that the e-mail would ever turn into what it has. She is my angel on this earth.  My "social media Mother", whom I am positive that most of you have seen me refer to as "Ma".  She is just that!  A parent from another light in my world. This little spit-fire gives me love and encouragement every day of my life.  She sees me through my good days and bad days and DEMANDS that I get up and move forward.  She's never been afraid to "tell it like it is". For some reason unknown to me, she believes in me.  That I am capable of extraordinary things, and that someday everyone will know my name and the legacy that I will leave behind through words. For this (and many other reasons) she has sent me down professional roads in my career that have lead to many, great journeys.  You could say that she is my Manager.  The connections I have made, simply because she promotes me daily, is astounding.  Alessandra has traveled many journeys of her own and is a very positive, influential and involved member in society.  She gives of herself to her community, city and others - in every given moment.  She's truly taught me a lot about the person I want to become.  The kind of person that makes you better, just by being in her presence.  I can only hope to be a smudge of the woman she is, and to give of myself to others humbly as she does.  Thank you for all that you are.  Don't EVER change!

If you are ever as lucky as I am, to be blessed with the opportunity of working with any of these individuals, consider your karma great!  For you have truly stumbled across a gold mine!

Stay passionate and always true to your craft, whatever it may be. No one can or will ever have the right to define you, so don't let it happen.  Your light is your light - period!  Don't ever be afraid to share it.