Sunday, May 31, 2015



Just wanted to give a very proud shout-out to an amazing band and bunch of people who call themselves: “The Road Heavy”

They are touring Ontario this summer and you've gotta come check out their vibe.

We at LIFE AFX have had the distinct pleasure of meeting and watching them perform last year, during their album release debut and they truly give their all to the fans. (Still cannot get over the voice on one, Jules Cardoso.  Man, what a powerhouse!)  Honestly some of the best people we've ever met.

For this and many other reasons, they are the LIFE AFX Promotional Attraction of the Month.

So, if you're in town this summer, do yourself a favor and check out:

Pat Mete, 
Jules Cardoso,
Ryan Blake, 
Andre DaSilva and 
Jeff Cox 

Together they are: THE ROAD HEAVY!

Trust me, you’ll be so glad you did.

The Road Heavy will be appearing at many different events and venues throughout the summer so be sure to check their website: and social media pages, for ALL their tour date listings.

*** I'm so very proud of all of you.  You all have your own talent but the dynamic that you bring to the table as a team is just amazing to see.  I truly wish you all much success.  Have a wicked summer, gang! ***