Tuesday, March 10, 2015


When you're broken there is a certain place in the darkness, where one's heart goes to die.
There is no noise, only stillness for as long as silence can be endured.
In this place, only images and words survive.
Filling your mind with such madness, that only you, yourself could describe.
Thoughts swirling within your mind's eye like a hurricane.
Each bringing its' own vivid reflection of what's been lost or never found.
Oh what a cruel bully the mind can be toward the heart.
Never allowing it to forget all it failed to give.
Each memory delivers a piercing blow with no remorse,
Like painful daggers to the soul.
Will it ever recover?!
Will it ever see the light again from all the darkness - No one knows.
For now, it lays dormant, beating quietly. 
Awaiting its chance to be wild and free once more.

Sunday, March 8, 2015



Sam Smith.

It's hard to believe that this incredible talent was scrubbing toilets a year ago today. He tried so many times to make his dream come true, by changing who he was (physically/mentally & emotionally) just to be accepted. But, success never really came until he was just himself. He "came out" right before his album broke - telling the world that he was gay and that this sad, emotional and heart-felt album he was releasing was simply about a man who broke his heart. The same man, won him 4-Grammys. Proving that you can learn something from a broken heart. 

As much of a household name as he has become (virtually over night) he is still the victim of  bullying and cruelty - surrounding his sexual status.  He literally receives an inconceivable amount of hate mail daily via social media.  People wishing him dead and others telling him to "repent" and seek God's forgiveness for being gay.  It's incomprehensible to me that in this world of 2015, we are still condemning fellow human beings and being racist in every way possible.  It's utter madness.  
Yet, he still goes about his life and work with style and class.  But, it hurts.  Make no mistake about it.

If there is one thing I've learned in life, it's to fight. Fight for what's right. Fight for what you believe in, what's important to you. But most importantly, fight for what you love, for what makes you breath and come alive. Fight for what God has put inside your heart and called a passion or a dream. Fight to make it come to life, no matter what anyone thinks, how hard they laugh as you work your ass off to make it come true. One day - they'll be begging to stand with you in your lime light. That day will come and when it does, fight to keep the hatters OUT! Because if they were too cool to walk with you then; they're fools and shouldn't be found worthy to come along for the ride now...

To all those heart breakers out there, collecting their jars of hearts: Remember to skip the Singer/Songwriters/Writers and Artists in the world when doing so.  For we will always make an example of your treachery!!

*Thank-you, Sam Smith for blessing us with your gift. You truly are an inspiration to us all..*