Wednesday, November 18, 2015


The amount of hatred I've read and seen over the past few days, after Friday's horrific tragedy has been astounding. I get that it stems from fear but there are simply no excuses for behaving this way.  I realize that the world is in pain but that does not give anyone the right to play God or Government and try to bring justice to any crime. Racism and hate is universal. When does it stop? Where do we draw the line?  If we don't set the right examples soon, we may never be saved.

It is all very hypocritical.  You can see the spreading of posts of love and sympathy in one regard, and hate for a race in another.  So which is it?  You are either PRO-HUMANITY or you’re not!  For violence or not!  It’s either, or but you cannot take both sides.  You cannot bring the world back from tragedy by beating up a woman, picking up her 2-young children from school, kicking her in the stomach and punching her in the face, screaming at her to go back to her country, calling her a terrorist; just because she's Muslim - as was the case at a school in Don Mills, Ontario, yesterday.

I honestly don’t know what is happening to our world but, I truly hurt for the human race right now.

And to think, our young children have to stay and live in a world that WE ourselves leave them in. We all better start leading by better example soon - or they are all surely doomed!

Mahatma Gandhi once said:  “Be the change you wish to see in the world”.  I think it’s about time we all take a page out of this same book and make some changes.  Changes that begin with us first.

Sunday, November 15, 2015



 Feeling the united gasps of shock and terror across the world when crimes against humanity happen are a natural state of being but, why must it take such horrific tragedies to spread concern and desperate need for peace in our lands?!  How many more of our vibrant cities, filled with life and light must be silenced with explosions and darkness?!  Or yet, why aren’t all the cities of the world allowed love, excitement and peace in the same reflection?

Until we are all equal to live in freedom the same way, there will be no peace.  War and terrorism will become a norm in our world and all human beings in every city will enter into a “surreal and horrifying world of senseless violence” – until the end of time. 

Unless, by some miracle, we decide that our world is worth saving, and our lives are priceless!  Not just “our lives” but the lives of ALL those who live.   

To all those who's lives have been silenced by war and terrorism (which should be all of us) - May we find hope and give birth to new ways of finding peace.

To all those who are filled with so much rage and pain, because of their lack of choice, freedom and democracies - May you have the courage to seek out knowledge and love, rather than revenge and darkness.   

To all of us - May we someday truly comprehend that ALL lives are precious and equal - no matter where we live, what color our skin is or what God(s) we pray to.  This, above all else, is what I pray for -everyday!

Sunday, November 8, 2015


I openly admit that I don't know the first thing about dating in today's world. 

Being out of the "dating scene" for the past little while, I feel like A LOT has changed.  I'm completely and utterly dumb-founded at the lack of "love and relationship" opportunities out there.    Do they even exist anymore?  I feel like trying to find love these days is like entering the twilight zone.  It's become a war out there:  The Heart Givers vs. The Heart Killers.

A month before I turned 40 (as anyone who has turned can attest to), I began thinking about all the things I didn't have in my life.  Love was definitely at the top of that list.  But oddly enough, I never found myself without a man present  There have always been "boyfriend place-holders" Yet still, no real love to speak of.  I realized at that moment that I was afraid to be alone.  It's something that I've always feared.  My biggest fear, actually.  Which is probably why I've jumped in and out of relationships (and I use the term loosely) all my life.  Because the fear of being alone was just too much to stand.  Something I think a lot of people out there go through.  So we settle.  Funny how fear can play with you like that.  So for the next 2-years, I was going to learn how to be "okay" with being alone. 

Well, here I am, 2-years later - alone!  But, I've learned and realized A LOT during this time.  I think there are 2 very important lessons that we should all learn (unlike myself) very early on in life to survive: 

The first thing would have to be self-love.  I know, cliche right?  How did something so simple escape me, I will never know.  I lost out in loving the essence of me a very long time ago.  But, happy to report that it's something that I practice every day now.  I'm grateful for all the beauties I have.  Beauties both seen and unseen. 

The second thing would be that everyone should know what it feels like to be "okay" with being alone.  It teaches you so much.  Your awareness of everything heightens.  I never could have imagined how strong I could be, all by myself, until I forced myself to try.  You condition yourself to be a solider and your life is a war to be won. No one can own the definition of you.  The power of one is so magical.  I never would have guessed it to be so. 

So now that I have bettered myself on all playing fields, become this strong entity all on my own, I'm ready!  Ready to find that kind of love I've always deserved and known to be out there.  The only thing is - I think everyone else is on a different turf.  

Is it me, or is no one actively seeking a relationship these days?  It seems like the word itself has become an enigma.  The dating pool has been filled with married people "looking for the extra", the single people only seeking "casual dates, filled with a lot of sex and multiple partners, but want nothing serious" and my personal favorite:  "20 something year olds, that wish to be your "Boy-toys" while you look for the love of your life"  It's really tragic out there.  Especially for all of us "hopeless romantics" out there.  All 10 of us, tops!

I hate to say this but LOVE as we once knew it, is DEAD!  At least that's what I'm being made to believe.  Trying to stay hopeful in a sea of all this nonsense is really tough.  I want to be wrong in my assumption but it doesn't look good.  Especially with things like:  Social media and online dating sights.  I'm personally afraid for my heart out there, in today's world.  The odds don't look favorable. 

Would love to hear your thoughts on this one.

Thanks for always listening!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

We Are People, NOT Labels!

You know, I walk around in this world of ours and it just astounds me how arrogant people sound when speaking about each other. The fact that it's nearly 2016 and I still hear people being referred to/ described as:   "Black, White, Cuban, Asian, etc. (and their “slang” counterparts)  is utterly ridiculous.  Sadly, it doesn't even stop there.  Aside from using racist remarks, we have now seemed to become a society that marks people according to their weight, religion and sexual preferences too.  It’s gone on long enough!  We are not a “stupid society” and yet we act like it, every chance we get.  No matter where you turn,  It seems that we are all "Labeled" something, instead of just simply calling ourselves "human" instead.  

I read a Face Book post the other day from a dear friend who has a beautiful little boy, that happens to be a wonderful mix of Italian and African-American origins.  Sadly, it seems that he is already feeling the cold grips of racism, after another little boy in his class refused to stand next to him because his "hair" was/looked different than his own.  Insanely sad!  It broke my heart to read such a thing. Now, I get that children are innocent and will simply comment on what they see but, it's up to parents, families and teachers to nail this as early on in their young lives as possible- that we are all the same. One human race. One love. Period!   We are not born racist or sexist- we are taught to be. It's a fact.

Now, I know that I’m going to feel the heat of this blog from parents everywhere, but so be it.  I think we have all tip-toed around this subject for far too long and I am personally done!  I am holding adults everywhere, responsible. 

No, we cannot be with our children at all time and yes, what they hear/pick up at school cannot be made to be the parents fault.  OK.  But I ask you this:  Where do the children from the playground, class room, daycare, neighborhood or party get these labels from?  That’ s right, from you – the adult.  Where did we get it from?  From the adults we were around.  It breeds itself into oblivion, don’t you see?!  So we have to all hold ourselves accountable for the terms we use and actions we make.  It’s that simple. 

It stems from a lot of different sources, I understand.  The TV shows, music and gaming kids are exposed to these days is crazy and it’s hard to be there, every waking moment to flag this kind of messaging and that’s fine, but we've got to try harder.  Something as simple as how you speak to your spouse/partner in the household is a great start.  Children pick up EVERYTHING.  And sponges don’t just soak up all the clean stuff, they mop up and absorb all the dirty stuff too.  As long as you embed the basics into your children that’s all you can do!  Education, mannerism and humility start in the home.  And don't wait for situations to arise, make this a daily, weekly and monthly conversation.  Teach those around you about people, ethnicity, etc. All you can do is enable your child with the proper tools and let them go out into the world – hoping they make the right decisions and choices as human beings. 

I have nieces and nephews myself and as they grow there are always instances where they will make comments about weight, race, creed or color.  They are at an age where their minds are so keen on the differences they see.  So naturally, they become inquisitive.  It bothers me endlessly when I hear certain things come out of their mouth.  It literally hurts my heart.  In the past, I've shy’ d away from saying anything, saying to myself:  “Oh they are just children Gia, they don’t know any better.  It means no harm.”  But, it does and they should be aware of it.  I don’t ever want them to go out into the world to bully or be bullied to/by others for being different – so I will help teach and shape them in that way because it’s my responsibility to do so.  If I don’t and just ignore it if/when it ever comes up, than I am just doing a dis-service to them and the world.   

Take a moment to watch this incredible video and truly pay attention to the message. After all, change starts with us.  So, we must “be the change we wish to see in the world” – and today, I am starting with all of you!

In the words of Bono … “One love, One blood, One life.  You got to do what you should.  One life, with each other.  Sisters. Brothers.  One life, but we’re not the same.  We've got to carry each other.”

I really hope this blog has touched / ignited something in all those who read it.  Bad or good, I’d like to hear from all of you.  Your comments are always welcome.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Lady Behind The Words

The Biography of Gia 

She was born, Lucia Giardulli in Toronto, Canada, during the winter of 1973.  Raised in an Italian household, music was very much a part of everyday life – and still is.  Her artistic and creative nature became quite evident at a very early age.  Her first foray into the art of music and writing came when she started singing and song-writing at age 9.  It wasn't long after, that her interests in various musical instruments began.  After dabbling for some time in accordion, piano, flute and guitar lessons, she was asked to audition for a local Italian folk band – as lead vocalist.  It was there that she got her first taste of singing on stage for an audience.

By the age of 18, she was already in her second band.  Here, the members were both determined and focused to work on their own material (rather than covers), which allowed the young singer the opportunity to further explore her passion for song-writing. Along with creating original pieces, the band decided to change their individual names, to further their artistic nature - thus giving birth to the artist now known as Gia.  After collaborating with different writers and musicians over a number of years, it became clear that her love for creating words outweighed her desire to perform. It was here that Gia decided to leave the stage behind and concentrate on writing instead.  “Singing will always be my first love but, I want to create words that will move nations – over and over again.”   

Over the next 10 years, Gia went forward, becoming a published writer and assisting different areas of government and non-profit organizations with writing and communication pieces. She became a voice of inspiration and coached many different individuals in all facets of life. 

Although her passion for words grew, the love she had for music was a constant.  In 2013, she began a blog called:  LIFE AFX, where she wrote many different pieces about life.  Among them were posts showcasing some amazing talents in the city of Toronto.  Soon the itch of getting back into the music scene would need to be relieved.  2-years later, INKSTANE would be born.  In August of 2015, Gia became the creator and founder of her very first company -  INKSTANE Corporation. 

“This new venture creates a bridge between writing, music and other artistic talents.  The idea is to scout, manage and brand new and independent Canadian artists and introduce them to the world.  It’s not just about “finding an artist” it’s more about giving them the tools to become a multi-faceted artist – in their own right.  We want to showcase the individual as a brand, not just another artist- and that takes a great deal of coaching, mentoring and management.  If you believe in your talent then contact us. Developing your artistic vision is what we do. We will work with you to integrate your inspiration and creativity, to result in a recognizable vision of your art. Together, we will find and market your element of artistic style, with creative ideas and collaborations that will give you optimal success.”

For more information please visit: – all social media/blog links available here

For artists who are interested in working with Gia and INKSTANE Corporations please contact us at: 

Sunday, August 30, 2015


As of late, there have been many of you writing to me and asking about my website.  I suppose you have been picking up on the subtle hints and changes that have been occurring along the way.  So I thought it was time to come clean.

Over the past few months, I have been phasing out what you've all come to know as:  LIFE AFX.
It's been a bitter sweet journey to say the least.  LIFE AFX  has been such an incredible part of my life for so long, that it wasn't an easy decision to make. But make it, I did.  So much of me has changed over the past 2-years.  I feel like I've shed old skin and a new me has awakened.  So, you could say that my professional path also had to follow suit.

LIFE AFX was the brave little caterpillar that started it all, and now a new life form will soon take its' place.  The time has come to "refresh my brand identity"  The new identity is all about expressing the creativity, diversity and personality of who I've become over the past little while.  It's more representative of who I am today.  But this time, it won't just be me - but an entire management team.

It gives me great pleasure to introduce you all to:  INKSTANE. 

INKSTANE (pronounced like "ink stain" ) is what happens when the worlds of writing and music collide. It will incorporate a management/mentoring style to all its' artists.  The team will creatively showcase, mentor, promote and expose new and upcoming artists to the world. The company will represent and feature different artists (musicians and writers), in different events all over Canada. 

The team is currently putting some finishing touches on our brand new website and social media pages - and it will be live for the public, very soon.   

Looking very forward to having you all along for the new journey.  I know you will love this new brand as much as I do.

Thank you all so much for all your love and support.  What I'm trying to accomplish truly would be nothing without my fans.

Saturday, July 11, 2015


There are 2-types of people in this world.  Those who just dream about what they want and those who dream and do whatever it takes to make them come true. 

Life is both too long and too short to live the "day to day grind", doing the same mundane thing that makes you miserable.  As human beings, thriving and growing toward what makes us feel alive is paramount to living an extraordinary life.  Anthony Robbins taught me that a long time ago, and the moment I heard it come out of his mouth, it became religion.

In a conversation with the astounding author of:  The Book Of Negros, Lawrence Hill communicated that one of the worst things you could ever tell a parent is that you're an Artist.  We chuckled for a brief moment but, my laughter termed somber quickly, remembering painfully how true that statement actually was.

When you're an artist of any kind, it takes a lot of effort for anyone to take you seriously or to believe in your craft. If you're not one of the fortunate ones to have good, positive and encouraging people on your side, this world will crush you quickly.  I know this could be said of anything one chooses to do but, I find it abundantly true in my industry.

I've had more than my fair share of negativity and insecurities pushed upon me by people throughout my years. Sadly, it's one of the main reasons I gave up singing.  The stage was once a place I felt at home.  A setting that made me most happy - until it didn't.  "Fear will beat you down to your knees and will keep you there permanently if you let it." ( a quote from the great Sylvester Stallone, that is always on repeat in my brain) Fear definitely won that battle but, it lead me to a deeper love and appreciation for music on a whole other level.  It was then that I actually found writing. 
Some people are lucky enough to find ONE love in life but, I was fortunate enough to find TWO:  Music and Writing.  A marriage that has always worked for me.

Being a Writer is very difficult at times- especially for the vulnerable souls.  It leaves you very open on a daily.  But, as one of my editors once said:  "If you're going to survive in this business, you're going to have to check your ego at the door - along with your fear"  and she was right!  Letting go of my fears of "acceptance" is not something I've mastered in this life just yet, but it's something that I work at every day.  It's all a work in progress.

All of that said, I just really wanted to take time out to thank all those people who have come in and out of my life and helped my dream along the way.  Yes, there have been MANY people who have tried to discourage and kill my ambitions since the beginning but, it's truly amazing to know that the "good people" outweigh the bad ones. 

Although, there are countless names to mention in my pursuit of happiness, I truly MUST take time out to mention 3 individuals in particular. 

To Alessandro Stillo:  A man that I've had the distinct honor and pleasure of knowing for over 11 years.  (Thank you so much for your belief in my writing.)  It must be said that this person took 2-years out of his life and made sure that I had a good shot at pursuing my dreams.  He created my very first web-page and fan base for LIFE AFX.  He not only created it from scratch but, monitored, made daily changes to and ran it all on his own - FOR FREE!  If any of you out there have a web-designer or web-master you know what the bills are for such things.  But, this remarkable soul did it all for nothing, simply because he believed that the world should know me.  That my words should have life.  There are no words for that kind of loyalty.  I am sure that on many occasions I did not deserve all that he did for me, but I am truly thankful that he stuck by me.  His trust and love for me has always meant the world.  I could never repay him for all that he has done for me.  I hope that he someday can witness what he helped me start and know that none of this would have been remotely possible without him.  No matter where life leads him, he will undoubtedly be a great success.  He is a truly gifted mind.  I will always be grateful for his commitment and friendship, and pray that I never lose it.   
If any of you find yourself in a position of needing a Creative Director - he is your man in spades.  Visit him at:

To Giuseppe De Cicco:  Another extraordinary man in his own right.  He barely knew me and was convinced that I was a star.  The endless amount of times that he worked his magic (without my knowledge), to surprise me with career opportunities, still rocks me to my very core.  He made me believe in myself at a time when I truly didn't.  There were endless days and nights that he spend time mentoring and molding me to go after what he knew that I deserved.  Giuseppe took my social media fan base to another level and the contacts that I have made in the industry because of him; are nothing less than remarkable. I thank him for his time, trust, belief and friendship. I'm not sure what he saw in this girl a few years back, but I can honestly say that I am all the richer for it.  With all the amazing things this man has given me, I cannot even begin to share my gratitude for bringing this next person into my life.

To Ms. Alessandra Piccolo:  A magical woman, who was introduced to me by Giuseppe De Cicco.  The very first time we spoke was via e-mail.  A few years back, she wrote to tell me that she had read a number of different writing pieces I had showcased, and how much she loved my words.  I had no way of knowing that the e-mail would ever turn into what it has. She is my angel on this earth.  My "social media Mother", whom I am positive that most of you have seen me refer to as "Ma".  She is just that!  A parent from another light in my world. This little spit-fire gives me love and encouragement every day of my life.  She sees me through my good days and bad days and DEMANDS that I get up and move forward.  She's never been afraid to "tell it like it is". For some reason unknown to me, she believes in me.  That I am capable of extraordinary things, and that someday everyone will know my name and the legacy that I will leave behind through words. For this (and many other reasons) she has sent me down professional roads in my career that have lead to many, great journeys.  You could say that she is my Manager.  The connections I have made, simply because she promotes me daily, is astounding.  Alessandra has traveled many journeys of her own and is a very positive, influential and involved member in society.  She gives of herself to her community, city and others - in every given moment.  She's truly taught me a lot about the person I want to become.  The kind of person that makes you better, just by being in her presence.  I can only hope to be a smudge of the woman she is, and to give of myself to others humbly as she does.  Thank you for all that you are.  Don't EVER change!

If you are ever as lucky as I am, to be blessed with the opportunity of working with any of these individuals, consider your karma great!  For you have truly stumbled across a gold mine!

Stay passionate and always true to your craft, whatever it may be. No one can or will ever have the right to define you, so don't let it happen.  Your light is your light - period!  Don't ever be afraid to share it.

Sunday, May 31, 2015



Just wanted to give a very proud shout-out to an amazing band and bunch of people who call themselves: “The Road Heavy”

They are touring Ontario this summer and you've gotta come check out their vibe.

We at LIFE AFX have had the distinct pleasure of meeting and watching them perform last year, during their album release debut and they truly give their all to the fans. (Still cannot get over the voice on one, Jules Cardoso.  Man, what a powerhouse!)  Honestly some of the best people we've ever met.

For this and many other reasons, they are the LIFE AFX Promotional Attraction of the Month.

So, if you're in town this summer, do yourself a favor and check out:

Pat Mete, 
Jules Cardoso,
Ryan Blake, 
Andre DaSilva and 
Jeff Cox 

Together they are: THE ROAD HEAVY!

Trust me, you’ll be so glad you did.

The Road Heavy will be appearing at many different events and venues throughout the summer so be sure to check their website: and social media pages, for ALL their tour date listings.

*** I'm so very proud of all of you.  You all have your own talent but the dynamic that you bring to the table as a team is just amazing to see.  I truly wish you all much success.  Have a wicked summer, gang! ***