Monday, December 31, 2012


Well, it’s almost time for 2012’s exit and 2013’s arrival.

It’s crazy how quickly a year can fly by.

Although this year has literally kicked my ass, I’m thankful for all the lessons it taught me along the way. After all, that’s what life is right? A series of impossible obstacles and crazy times to get through. Yet, no matter how insane your journeys can get from time to time, you cannot deny the fact that life truly is a beautiful privilege in every way – and we shoul...d consider ourselves blessed for each passing day that we are granted and considered worthy to walk this earth. Sure life may seem cruel/unfair sometimes and it will beat you to your knees if you allow it to but, we always seem to manage no matter what the odds are stacked against us. Yes, we may want, desire and crave for greater things than what we currently have and never seem to get it – but we’re always given what we need. We fail to see that.

The only thing I pray for today is for patience and calmness. Patience to see every road to its end (no matter how trying or difficult the journey) and the calmness to make each decision I need to with clarity. That things will happen in God’s time, not in mine and trust that all will be well if I allow myself to believe and be grateful.

I truly wish you all the very best adventures of your lives in 2013. May you always wear a smile – especially during times when you want to cry. May you reach higher for all it is that you desire. May you be granted peace and clarity – to get you through those days of trying miles. May you laugh as hard a child does – seeing the beauty in all things. Finally, may you always remember to keep your heart open and give compassion freely –especially to those who deserve it the least.


Saturday, December 29, 2012


A new "ME" is emerging.
I’ve been working on me for a while now.  I’m NOT who I was before.  You will find that I’m very different – certainly not the girl you knew a while ago.  I had to go searching for the soul I lost.  I had to get my strength and heart back – God knows it’s worth it, no matter the cost.  I finally found the one thing I needed to be free.  I found the “ME” I was always supposed to be.

Lord knows this journey wasn’t easy and it took a long time to arrive here.  It took a brave girl to fight through all her excuses, lies and pain to make her destiny clear. 

So, look closely if you must, but I promise you, you will not see the girl you once did standing here.  The innocence is gone.  I talk louder, I speak stronger, I walk with purpose and poise.  The new “ME” won’t let you walk away when you’re wrong; with my heart in your hands.   You can beg, scream and cry if you want - but I'm done with all that noise.

I’m finally free.  Free to be just me.  I found the reason of why I was meant to be.  This emancipation isn’t for you in any way.  So I don’t need your “I’m Sorry’s” or your “I’m So Proud Of You’s” Because I’m just not interested in anything you have to say.  I may have believed that I needed your approval or opinion in the past – but that was the old me.  The new me knows better and cares less; so don’t waste your breath. 

This me is young, vibrant, brave and free – and knows that I’m perfect just being me.

{ This blog was inspired by Alicia Keys.  Her new song is my strength to continue my road to freedom.  Thank you, Alicia, for writing the national anthem to my journey}


Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas 2012

I have loved this time of year; as far back as I can remember.  I made it my most favourite a very, very long time ago.  To me, Christmas was never a season, but rather a feeling. I wanted EVERY experience in life to mirror image what I felt around this time of year.  Butterflies in my tummy all the time.  Excitement around every corner.  Always smiling and feeling so good about yourself and all those you love.  Strangers grins.  Family and friends always popin’ in.  The house filled with laughter and yummy smells.   Feeling loved all the time – and having so much of it that it poured out to others constantly.  That’s what Christmas has always meant to me, and today I wish it so for all of you!

Six months ago, I truly didn’t think I’d be around to see another Christmas much less enjoy one.  It’s funny how you come to realize just how insignificant and trivial most things are that we worry about in this world.  It’s sad that it takes SO MUCH PAIN to realize HOW MUCH HAPPINESS you possess and don’t even know it.  So this Christmas I am quite content with what I have and don’t have a real want/need for anything.  Because I’ve realized that I’ve already attained the greatest assets a person can have in one lifetime:  The truest love and support of family, fans and friends.  The one I’m working on (and it gets stronger with each passing day) is my health.  What more could anyone possibly ask for?  However, for all those of you still bugging me to tell them what I’d like for Christmas this year, I’d be happy with either a fairy Godmother, a Genie or a magic wand that works with any basic command. 

MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM GIA AND THE LIFE AFX FAMILY (and yes, we say Merry Christmas not to offend others who don’t celebrate or believe in it, but to defend those who do.  After all, we don’t persecute and neither should you) Wishing you all the very best this season brings – regardless!

With that thought in mind, we would also like to take this time and opportunity to send thanks, blessings and prayers to ALL the men and women who are serving our country each day and are giving up their Christmas with their loved ones, so that we can be with ours.  GOD BLESS THE JOB AND HEART YOU ALL HAVE THAT ALLOWS YOU THE STRENGTH AND COURAGE TO DO WHAT YOU DO FOR US – EVERYDAY!!

Monday, December 17, 2012


 I think I speak for everyone when I say that the pursuit of happiness is something most of us strive for within this journey we call “life”.  However, going a step further with this thought would mean that you would have to sit down and map out what that “happiness” would consist of for you.  It would mean that you would have to dare yourself to dream of going after what you most want in this world.

For most, a pursuit of a dream or passion is merely that – a dream.  Yet, for some of us, it becomes the very essence of which we are, the reason we breathe and the only explanation of why we exist. 

Pursuing a dream is never easy.  Having a raw passion for something not only takes time but an exuberant amount of courage, diligence and sacrifice.  Living out your calling is not for the faint at heart.  Its’ journey can leave you utterly broken.  Yet, you know that there truly is no other way you want to live your life, than to live it doing what you love.  It’s worth every commitment you will ever ask of yourself. 

Every now and again, you come across individuals who are so incredibly passionate about their dreams that their pursuit of them is truly something magical to watch.  The energy itself – hypnotic!  This is especially true of the man I wish to now introduce to all of you:

His name is Lucas De Marco – otherwise known as:  “BOX OF LUCA”

Lucas De Marco is one of Toronto’s hottest rising talents.  He is already making a name for himself in the genre of House and Electronic music (EDM). This man is a true star in his own right.

Lucas discovered his love for music as a young child, banging on a toy drum set in his parent’s basement, in North York, Ontario.  A passion for drums led him to starting his own rock band.  During that time he came to develop a deep desire for wanting his band to record their own music.  Lucas, being more computer and technologically savvy began to find ways to make this happen.  As he began dabbling more and more in the production area, he also started investigating something referred to as: “Gaming Techno”, which allowed him to create his very own unique sounds - thus, giving birth to BOX OF LUCA.

Now 18 years old, this musical prodigy is more than a DJ or your typical “run of the mill” music producer.  He is a creator of music with his very own unique sound that can be instantly recognized within the music industry. 

 LIFE AFX decided to catch up with Lucas De Marco, for an “Intimate and Interactive” session on BOX OF LUCA.  We thought that the world should know what his fans already do.  That his sound is transitioning the likes of House and Electronic music every day – gaining notoriety as one of the most upfront house music producers, known for his unique underground style of house music.  This is what he had to say:

 What city do you call "HOME"?

“I grew up in North York, Ontario, Canada and have lived in this area all my life. I love living in Toronto. It’s just peaceful.”

What genre of music really captivates or motivates you?

“Ambient and Scores/Classical. But I enjoy electronic music because more people can relate to it and it sort of gives this peaceful unification.”

Seeing that the world of House and EDM music is ever-evolving, what things do you do to keep your vibe fresh?

“I’m studying to write classical/scores and also learning how to conduct. But I’m always learning new things whether it be a new way to make a sound or a better way to master a track. I believe I will always be a student to music.”

What is Box Of Luca trying to accomplish?

“All I really want is to make people happy with my music. I’m enjoying this journey, and the last thing I want to do is lose emotion in my music. Although I wish to be on stage in front of thousands of people (like many other electronic musicians) I only really want to bring emotion into people’s lives. Whether it is a smile or a tear, I would be happy. Music has always gotten me through tough times, and if my music would be able to heal someone I would be able to die happy.”

 Who are your influences in the music business?

“The funny thing about my influences is that they are always changing. I’m always being influenced by certain artist whether it is by their sound or their business plan, for example. But if I had to pick an artist it would have to be Joel Zimmerman (deadmau5). That is based on the fact that he is super real about everything. He has kept his style since 97’. Obviously times change and so does sound but he has always made music he likes and that’s what has made him successful. He is on par with branding which a lot of people don’t understand. He is probably the best role model to look up to because he is super successful in the business aspect of things and he’s amazingly talented as a musician.  It just makes sense.  I can’t tell you that no one else is up there with him as my influences but he is surely the top one –an absolute idol in my eyes. Recently I have been looking up to Imogen Heap as well. I feel she is honestly one of the last true “Artists” out there. She truly tries to keep everything for the music which is unbelievably hard when you are inside the music industry. She is real, and 95% of people in the music industry are not. That’s why I give her an immense amount of respect.”

This original sound creation and video, by Box Of Luca features a cameo appearance by:  Deadmau5.  Be sure to watch the video AND... the reaction that Deadmau5 had after he, himself viewed it for the first time.  Totally epic!!!

When did you realize what you wanted to do with the rest of your life?

“As far as I can remember I always knew I had wanted to something with music. At the age of 9, I got my first drum kit, since then things had fallen into place and made sense that I somewhat had a chance in this music industry. I have been a musician for most of my life. I never really had a plan for it but the more I went on I realized that it was what I wanted to do.  Music just makes sense for me.”

 If you could say anything to a "fellow artist" about following their music dream, what would it be?

“Do it for the music!  It’s easy to be trapped into these industry loop-holes. Many people will try to make you conform to what they believe the industry needs at any given time, but always remain true to you.  Never compromise on that fact-ever! You have to develop your own style and once you do you will be happy. At that point it won’t matter if you are playing in front of 50,000 people or 24.  You will be happy you are making music you like and that is what being a musician is all about. Most of all be original. If you are doing it for the money, you won’t be happy. You have to do it in a way where you can smile and be proud at the end of the day. Oh, and practice A LOT!  Don’t stop, no one’s perfect.”

 What are TWO things that you want your fans to know about you/BOX OF LUCA?

“That sounds like a question I would answer on a dating website, LOL!  All jokes aside, I just want everyone to know that I’m real and I do it for the music and no other reason (except for the obvious reason of other people enjoying my music too). Also I want people to know I’m still a student, I’m trying to learn all music styles out there. I just don’t want people to think of me as some random club music producer, I want my fans to enjoy me as an electronic musician all around.”

How can fans reach you? 

“You can always reach me at: or email me at: 

Otherwise, you can try the following:!/BoxofLuca

The fastest way to reach is by my twitter, whether you have a question or a recommendation for a song I should remix.  I do not have a residency at a club currently but when I perform I always update everyone via all my social media platforms.”

What is your favourite track/song of all time?

“That is a hard question. It would be a tie between an electronic song and a score. It’s between, “The Breaking of the Fellowship”, by Howard Shore and “ We Stood Still”,  by deadmau5 which evolved into his most famous “Strobe. “

What future projects are you working on?

“Right now I’m working on a couple of things. A few remixes here and there. I’m always working on originals as well. But I’m currently working on something that I can’t really talk about. All I can say is that it may or may not be for video games.

But like I said I am always working on music. Recently I’ve been trying to incorporate multimedia into all my works. Have it be by just adding a simple video for my songs or even designing cover art for my songs.

Also my team and I are trying to pitch to companies who work with film to give me an opportunity to write scores. So that is very exciting.”

 What do you wish to accomplish in your career?

“A lot, LOL! This sort of incorporates my answer to the first question. I want to make people happy with my music. If all goes well I can play festivals and go on for years being able to work on my music as job, and eventually writing scores. All I want to do is make music really. I don’t care if I don’t have a mansion and have to live in poverty. As long as I’m making music for a living I will be the happiest kid alive. “

There you have it folks!  A brief look at Lucas DeMarco, and BOX OF LUCA!

Lucas is currently in studio, giving birth to a Tech House EP and an EP for all of his underground Electronic creations.  He has been collaborating with different artists, producers, musicians and DJ’s to create a wide variety of sounds for his fans.  BOX OF LUCA is also setting up new tour schedules, so find him in a club near you in 2013.  Trust me; you’ll be glad you did!

I’d like to personally thank Lucas De Marco, for allowing us the opportunity to introduce both “The Man and The Sound” to our fan base; which has undoubtedly developed his own fan base further as well.  I’d also like to thank Box Of Luca and TMA Company Management Incorporated, for allowing LIFE AFX to promote his creation and sounds to the world.

We wish him well in his future endeavours.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Heaven's Light

Tonight, as I watched the night sky, I saw 20 little stars smiling back at me. They were all aligned like diamonds shinning so brightly. All knew their place and aligned so beautifully. Before this day, they knew not what their job would be this night, but now without flaw, there they are lighting up the heavens for loved ones who miss them tonight. Although your presence shall be missed here on earth, God has seated you all in the front lines of his choir along the velvety dark sky. So that you may shine your love upon those who miss you most this night and guide them in song assuring them that you’re alright!

*To all those beautiful souls whose journeys abruptly ended today, I dedicate this song, sung by a beautiful friend of mine, for all of you Angels lighting up our sky tonight. May your loved ones always hear your heavenly songs and voices in their ears – to guide them and give them the strength to live without you*

A mass shooting at a school has left a staggering death toll and a town in crisis after a gunman opened fire in Newtown, Connecticut Friday. With at least 28 dead, the Sandy Hook School Elementary shooting was worse than Columbine.
Among the dead Friday were six adults who were at the school, 20 children, the gunman and his mother.
Reporters are identifying 20-year-old Adam Lanza as the suspect. Lanza’s mother was a teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary School.
The suspect’s older brother, Ryan, was taken into police custody in Hoboken, New Jersey.