Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I've been FULL of words and expression as of late.  I'm not sure why but I dare not judge on it too long, for fear that it will pass me by.

 I've been thinking a lot about life and all that it means.  Not just for myself but for us all.  I don't want to sound "philosophical" by any means, just real -as I always try to be with all of you.  All I wish to do is share thoughts.

So, where was I?  Oh yes, life.  Now when one thinks of life I believe that thoughts of death cloud the mind simultaneously.  They are opposites after all, so the two thoughts naturally mirror one another.   Now when I think about them both together the popular phrase: “Live while you’re alive, and sleep when you’re dead” always pops into my mind.  It’s almost instinctive, like some divine force is trying to tell me something. 

The truth is that over the past little while I’ve been bringing death into my life.  What I mean is that I had somehow stopped living (and feeling alive) because I was faced with some rather difficult steps, in my “stairway” of life (sort of speak).  My fear of the unknown allowed me to merely exist on a day to day basis, rather than live. 

What it’s taken me a while to understand is that no matter what, there are always two ways to live life:  Casually and simply, merely existing until death or constructively and deliberately- causing some vibrations wherever necessary. 

If life is love and love is life then I believe we should live it LOUDLY, don’t you?  I mean, the word “life” means “to be ALIVE” doesn’t it?  So, the way I see it, if we are to be alive and full of life then we should live it in such a manner.  It should be filled with moments of uncontrollable gestures, unstoppable freaky movements – filled with a lot of noise, colour and liveliness. 

At times we allow our fears to overshadow the manner in which we were meant to live.  I don’t wish to be indifferent to any of it any longer.  As scary as it all may seem, I wish to live in colour – all the days of my life.  And by God, I intend to.  I wish to live the way I write, the way I dream and the way I love....